Friday, May 30

Department of Caffeine

Sijun recommended me to this cafe because his friends told him that they serve excellent coffee. We are not exactly coffee connoisseurs, but we do like to drink good coffee when we spot one! 

Headed down to Tanjong Pagar and went in to see a sea of crowd/people (basically over-crowding) in the cafe on a afternoon, 3pm. Pretty surprised to see so many people because we expected the crowd to be lesser at such a neither lunch nor dinner timing D:

Ordered Ice cafe latte for both of us because it's our favorite coffee - always :) We were hoping that the coffee would turn out real good as recommended, and it did, but not the best we tried. 
I'm a Sarbucks fan, but i swear by Costa Coffee's Ice cafe latte. Its hands down the best latte in town, and i have not tasted a better one than that.

If you have good recommendations, tell me!

We wanted to have our lunch there, but their mains doesn't look very filling. In the end, we had waffles because every table around us ordered waffles - and it looks good.

Got the banana with rum waffles, topped with a scope of Vanilla ice cream. Pretty refreshing because of the banana flavors that comes along with it, but a little tad too much for my liking. But nevertheless, good.

I would probably return for the ambience and the food decorations because the waffles looks so appetizing and nicely done up! But, i don't like how the cafe squeeze everyone inside the place and the seats were literally back to back from one another. The lady behind me could't get up because there weren't enough space for her, and it was the same for me. The waitresses could not get in to the tables beside me because there were no space at all.

I hate such setting. Why bother to squeeze everyone into such a small enclosed place just to serve more seats? Your demand is obviously more than what you can supply, but the way the cafe handle the high demand is just.. bad for people like me who likes to have some sort of privacy. Not the high one, just the ones that i would not even be able to stand because there's someone sitting behind me. 

The waiting time is a killer too. We waited 20 - 30 minutes for seats, so we were really famished by then and i was literally hungry for a decent meal. We spotted a small cafe somewhere along another street and had their iced cheese tarts! They comes in flavors like Maple, original, cheese etc - and its pretty good!

I like how it cools me down from the hot weather that afternoon. 
The cafe is called Flor Patisserie
Its a Japanese-styled cafe - that is the food are made by Japanese chef so maybe you will like it if you like Japanese food and stuffs (like me heh)

Its $3.90 for one tart, and i think its pretty decent for a cafe along the tanjong pagar area. 

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