Tuesday, May 27

Ashley's 10th birthday party

Back with something happier than fucking insecurities and rant, so yeap!

Went to my cousin's 10th birthday the other day with Sijun and the number of kids running around, playing and "hitting" one another makes me think twice about having kids on my own now. Kids parties are always messy and my heart skipped a beat whenever i see them go all "Pillow fight!!" in the living room with vases right next to them.

God bless the maids doing the clean up afterwards lol. Anyways!

My aunt and uncle got catering from Neo Garden's for the party and look at the decorations!! All the teddy bears are part of the decor from the caterer and it looks so so so cute. 

All these cute kawaii bears <3 I wish i can smuggle them back home LOL. 
They look so huggable hahah!

I didn't take much pictures because the situation was really messy out there (20-25 kids running around) and my phone camera is bad (reminds me why i need a camera again) so here goes. I ended up taking selfie with SJ in the room lol.

We tend to do really weird shit when together, i don't even know why hahahahahaahhahahhaha

Lastly, a picture with my cousins (not all), but the ones whom i am really close with since young since our age difference was closer. Sijun is my boyfriend lah, not my cousin. 

I'm happy, if you feel that i am not from my previous post. I am happy with my life. 
I just want people to understand why some people are never gonna accept that compliment, and you should not rendered that as "another of those girls who needs to see more videos on why she is actually pretty"

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