Friday, May 23


I had Churros back in Beijing when the weather is cold, but having those piping hot doughnuts in my mouth decked out in ice cream tastes absolutely heavenly. Its just super nice to eat!

So when i saw on Facebook that Singapore is opening a store (like a relatively big one and they have advertisements with actual reach) over at orchard central, i went to visit. I was hoping that it tastes the same as the one from Beijing's, and it does, to a 80% similarity because they don't have the cold weather around to make up the atmosphere and there is no ice cream to complement the Churros.

Regardless, i still love it.

Deng deng deng! We bought the $9.90 churros because we managed to catch a glimpse of it and we thought that there is pretty much a lot of doughnuts inside! And the best thing is that it comes with 3 chocolate flavors - White, normal and nutella (if my tastebud doesn't fail me).

I think it makes a good after-meal dessert with your partner/friend from this set because the portion is just right for two people! Like, if you don't want to eat that much for desserts lah. 

Dang dang dang! The sprinkles that makes it looks cute and winter-ish. 

They are having a Buy 3 original and get 1 free offer over on their facebook page, so you might want to check that out and grab that offer. I claimed that offer too, but decided not to buy the original ones because its pretty pricey for me, and the flavored ones were $4.30 each and that's pretty pricey too.

So this $9.90 is just right, because its about the price of a scoop of ice cream if you share it with a friend, and it's something new. Eating ice cream can get boring too lahh.

They are located over at Level 5 of Orchard Central by the way!

Next, we went to Costa coffee to have cafe latte. I swear their cafe latte is the best amongst all the others i tried, even Starbucks - and im their loyal customer ok.

Wearing the blue shirt that i bought with Xinni and Joey the other day! 

I had been trying to fix my fringe for quite some time now, but i cant decide to keep it bangs or to leave it to be and wait for it to be long. I hate how my fringe kept poking out like how dicks poke out of guy's pants in the morning (morning hard-on right. I'm educated. OK WTF OUTTA POINT)


I'll try to stop being lazy and do something about it soon.. after i figured out what. On a side note, i feel like dyeing my hair to that red tone i did during the examination period again. Hmm.

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