Friday, May 2


I just gotta do it, because its a new month and there's always something about a new month associating with a fresh start. 

So its the examination period now, and i have a paper next Monday but here i am, just writing awayyyy. I did studied (a little) today, and i seem to have found my 'study place'. Westgate starbucks. I need somewhere which is 'noisy' and there are people walking around. I need a place whereby i can talk and not hush-hush and get stared at when i speak too loud (library, thats right. Pass the period of going library to study and be all hanky-panky there during secondary school. Its either sleep or hardcore mugging when i go library now)

The first paper was over just the Wednesday that passed. Service Quality. I learned how to draw the cycle of failure and success, and it didn't come up. I learned the 14 gaps and its supposed to be "very important" and nothing came up on it. Some stupid disconfirmation shit come out and only AFTER the exam did i realized that it was something easy and i had thought that it was difficult and i skipped it. 


But what past is past, and my taobao loots came today!!! So excited to unwrap every parcel every time because the feeling of having new clothes is just ASDFGHJKL good. 

I'm starting to feel that going to RMIT is the right choice. I always thought that it was bad because its not recognized (let's admit, not as much as local universities), and it is expensive ($18K for three semesters) and i was not sure if the degree helps in the future. The perceived risks of this course is too high. 

But i still enrolled, still went for lectures (most of them) and i tried to make friends. 
And i did. 

I am happy. I like school. I like talking to my friends and bitching about other people. I like to laugh with them, laugh at each other, and laugh at other people. There were lots of jokes, lots of interactions and i felt that i was back to being a student again and enjoying the last lap of school life. I'm not sure if this degree is gonna do shit for my future because at the end of the day, i'm still very much a self-employed person because i'm allergic to sun (not literally lah) but yeah. I can't imagine waking up early every day for years doing a job just for the salary. It's insane to be that way for the next 10-20 years of my life. 

I want to work a job whereby i wake up feeling energized,
 and happy,
 and ready to start work.

I think i need to find a job that starts at 2pm.

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