Saturday, May 3

Long weekend

Today is Labor Day! Happy labor day! Did you have a nice day?

I was studying, yay! 
I love studying. 

Ok jokes aside, study date with Sijun today although half of the time he was surfing the net and feeling bored and even though i told him to find something to do, he just used his phone all the while. LOL. & him being bored makes me feel guilty for making him bored so the day was rather unproductive because my attention span was to a minimum. 

Waa cannot cannot, really need to study.
Went out with Cleo and Aaron the other day and its productive de lor. But shag, waa.

I look damn fat beside this Cleo wtf. 
Why my friends like forever so skinny one. 

HAHA, i think everyone like sot from studying too much already. Cant wait for exams to end sia

Then, jumping back to the topic of going out with SJ today, we went back to my house after dinner and continue to be silly and slapped powder on each other's face LOL. Sometimes i swear he is regretting that he got together with me 'cuz im so weird and gross. Like seriously. I don't know why but i just like being gross and weird because its so fun and seeing his grossed-out reaction makes me very happy.

Damn weird sia.

Exams. Y U EXIST?!

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