Thursday, April 24

Been a while

Been a while since i last blogged! I took on another student for tuition and we had intensive sessions this week because she is having English Oral tomorrow. By the time i ended the second tuition at the 4th hour today, i think i was pretty much a gone case. 

Pretty glad that the crazy week is coming to an end! (or not, because exam is nearing)

I got back my results for Mar Comm and i'm not even sure if i'm supposed to feel happy or just, ok. I passed yeah, but a mere credit is just like a slap in my face that trying to get a scholarship is just another of my stupid dream, just like how i used to think that i will be able to get into a local university despite going the Polytechnic route. But yes, i still very much hate the JC lifestyle.

It's just, just something that seems impossible and a "dream" now. I've been feeling this weird and ugly sensation inside me that i pretty much am a dreamer and there are many things out there that isn't as perfect as i want and think it to be. Its not being pessimistic, its more of like being realistic to me. 

You plan everything until swee swee, and just one small error can make the entire plan go bang! and down. Its just that simple. I don't even know where to start on how messed up i think my life is now, or maybe it's just the PMS hormones talking. 

I need to have some good food real soonnnn.

Some pictures because an entry without pictures is so boring haha

Its actually, just one picture.

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