Wednesday, May 14

Exams are over aka Mother's day!

Exams are over! Like finally. I was waiting for this day, for this period of time for a really really long time. I wanted things to end soon because i was sick of having dreams about my modules, of going to Starbucks every single day and spending half of my fortune there, and lugging all my books around and mostly having little to no time to spend with my friends, family and SJ.


Now all i have to do is to sit and pray that my results can successfully rendered me to the 2nd semester. Its gonna be another one year (if i pass all modules) of school and i would be a graduate. That's actually, really fast. Oh wells.

Holidays are finally here and i am really planning to start on something meaningful (to me) this holiday instead of just lazing around and doing the usual stuffs, like part time jobs etc.

But i have a feeling that i will actually, go back to doing all those. 

So some updates on where i had been to after exams had ended. Headed over to town with SJ the other day and saw this LINE pop up store over at Wisma and it's so cute! They have the mascots - Brown & Cony and the queue was sooooo friggin long. So being a kiasu Singaporean, of course we also chiong lah!

I look so derp here LOL! So sad hahahah! This was immediately after my first paper so i was feeling extremely invigorated and happy that day /o/

We went to Antoinette afterwards for their pancakes and its actually pretty expensive because the bill came up to $30 for a cup of tea and a plate of pancakes like wtfffff. I didn't realized it until SJ told me because we shared the pancakes so the price seems ok then. 

Ok, then we took pictures whilst waiting because we were bored and yeah, the decoration outside the restaurant was nice? LOL! And maybe because i was feeling so happy over the end of exams too HAHAHAHA

I had been deciding for a while if i should get a new pair of spectacles because the old one was with me since secondary 4, and that is around 5 years already? & what made me wanna get a black and tacky spectacles then huh, its so ugly. Oh i remembered, a boy that i liked back then wore one and i thought it looked good. Now that i think back on it, its so urgh.

The things that you start to realize when you are older and look back at what you cry, feel sad and happy over are silly. 

I can't decide between the rectangular one or the round one, and its $98 with the frame and lens so its something i am gonna contemplate for a while. 

Went to Royal Thai over at Fairway drive afterwards for mother's day dinner with the entire family! To be honest, i felt that the food is normal normal only, and its actually pricey. I rather pay for the food over at Gold Thai - cheaper and nicer lah. 

Ok i damn cheapskate i know. 

I didn't take pictures of the food because its a very messy procedure (10+ people) with a reallyyyyy long table. So when the dishes were served, it is messy and everyone just started eating (because damn hungry lah) so yeap.

A picture with my sister who gets on my nerves all the time but still, ok. I love you.

My cousin! :D We only got closer these days and i am really glad we did because we are very close since young, and its a pity and shame if we just drift off when we get older right.

& she is currently doing the animation for X-men (her company) and i'm whatsapp-ing her whilst she's over at Shaw and gawking at the fans who waited for the cast since 9am in the morning. (4pm now) 

My uncle drove his Jaguar that day and being the kiasu singaporean, i wanted a picture with the car to hao lian. HAHA, ok SJ say i look damn high here. Maybe i am 8'D

In the car, just letting the wind caress my hair ... seriously, no. You would had thought that its machiam drama whereby the wind blow and waa, like damn nice and pretty right. Yeah right. Damn pain when your hair piak across your face, its like someone slapping you little by little with your hair pls. And my hair got super messy at the end of the day hahaha.

Happy mummy day to my mum, who is always there for me regardless of anything that happens. This might sound cliche but i love you.

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