Saturday, May 31

Mini update

Just a mini update of where i went to last sunday, and yeap, i went to town. 


Went to watch X-MEN and it's my first movie from this marvel series. Yeap, i'm a loser! The movie is soooo good. I love the storyline and it's so friggin cool to just look at how everyone uses their powers to do all those cool shit stuffs.

Remember to stay till the end of the movie for a clip of "i-dont-know-what" but yeap, maybe a preview of what the next movie would be about? It goes back to 5000 years back so yeappppp.

Anyway the movie is friggin cool so just watch it.

Wore this dress which i bought from F21 the other day and i feel like i'm a pregnant woman in it LOL. Sijun says it looks like a nightgown. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I should analyze my choice carefully next time.
We went to eat Instant noodle at the 7-11 store along Cineleisure and people watch whilst asking each other's what type of girl/guys we would think is hot. 

The crowd then that day was not very, our cuppa of tea. 

Hopped on to take neoprints and Sijun stilllllll looks like a girl because the machine always auto make his eyes look super kira-kira. HAHAHA, he damn sad.

The neoprints that we took like, 1year ago? LOL, did we change much? 
I think we got weirder, hmmm

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