Saturday, April 19

New hair + Loft Cafe

Dyed my hair on Thursday because it is the eve of a public holiday and my dad said that my hair was too golden to his liking. So i bought the $9.90 Revlon Burgundy hair dye and just decided to try and go with it.

My hair when it was goldennnnn and well, curly before i rebonded it.

HAHA, i thought the color looks ok. I have no idea what burgundy is supposed to look like because it looks purplish-red to me, and when i did the dye job i was pretty heck about it and just slapped the dye solution onto my scalp. Glad that it turned out ok! :D

Went to a cousin's 1-year old birthday part before that at the Loft cafe and took some polaroids with the family. Thats my mum, my sis and my dad. And meeeeee! :D

I didn't got to try any of the cafe's specialties because i was there for the party and had some food beforehand. The waffles looks good though! Hmmmm, maybe after exam!

Some #throwback

With the uni mates <3

& a collage i did for SJ!<3

Exams are coming soonnnn, i need my motivationnnnnn /o/o/o/

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