Tuesday, April 15

Exam period and study week

School officially ended yesterday and here comes the 2 weeks for studying and revision. 4 modules to tackle down this time round, and trying my luck to get really good grades so that i can get the scholarship to alleviate the school fees. Not sure if i have the ability to do it, but just gonna try my best. 

I was down with fever and diarrhea these two days, and its really terrible. All i do is sleep, sleep and sleep. Thank god i didn't fall sick during the weekends!

Happy birthday to Wong! Been a friendship from 2008, secondary 3 so its a 6-years friendship? Time passes so quickly!!

Ng #selfie skills up there hahah! Nevertheless, love all of these people and superrrrr glad that i was in 4E1'09 back during Swiss. Met so many amazing people there!<3

Went to The Cathay last weekend and saw this outside of the mall. Well apparently if you were to strike a pose and instagram it, you stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to Taiwan. Ok now, i'm not sure if this is real or fake, but let's assume that its real lah. So i just strike a pose then i can win liao leh (if im lucky) 


A lot of people were staring at me but never mind lahhh~ /o/

& then i forced Sijun to take a picture with it too.

The board seriously fits lor HAHAHA. It really looks like we are in sync with the board and thats our leg hahahaha.

Didn't do much, played pool for the first time and i suck. Exchanged my P&B shorts for a smaller size because i got it a tad too big and the girl gave me attitude so i was quite irritated (ION'S OUTLET), and then there was some H2H talks with Sijun because i'm feeling like an emotional bitch as always.

Nevertheless, the weekends ended on a happy note and even though i fell sick, i still studied and made progress with my revision. I just hope that everything moves very, very smoothly.

Because i didn't take much pictures over the weekends to share, im gonna end this post with a few artwork which are so so so so pretteh from 46-san on pivix. Please do check out the works!!


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