Thursday, April 10

Let me procrastinate

Procrastinating from project because i am in charge of editing and its nightmare trying to cut away so many words when every word seems to be necessary in the report. This week is technically my last week of school and exam starts on May 30th, of which i am still in the midst of struggling to finish it and procrastinating at the same time like old times. The only burst of motivation that i have now is the a scholarship to help me 'carry' the financial burden of the hefty school fees.

Last weekend was a short one because we gotta stay budget! So we just went to Town, walked around, me getting fussy over my overly-straight hair (rebonded hair) and just relaxing and enjoying the company of one another with SJ. Life is very tough on me now, which is probably untrue because im being a sensitive bitch, but life is hard at times because we have so little time together.

Need to drink my milk tea but first, let me take a #SELFIE 

Having my hair rebonded and my fringe trimmed too-short got me really psyched about drawing those perfect brows because now everyone can look at my brows and i cant hide them!

Decided to have Macdonald's Green curry burger because everyone seems to be raving about it!

Its not that spicy, but as you proceed to finish up the burger, the hot temperature of the green curry kinda gets to me. & my stomach churned afterwards. HAHA, but its not like very very nice. Normal only.

Last SQ Lecture with the best bunch of people i can ever ask for to meet in Uni!
Love ya all :)

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