Thursday, March 20

Start of another busy week

Its Wednesday and i am back to being super busy. I skipped school on Monday because i was feeling weak from all the things i had to do. & i almost had a mental breakdown because i have to handle

  • Projects x 4
  • Work
  • Spending time with SJ
  • Cosplay props for this Saturday

It might probability look little to you, but imagine doing one part of the project (which i usually need about 4 hours with procrastination and talking and resting), work stuffs which consists of morning calls at 10am (and unable to sleep back when i slept at 4am) and to-and-fro visit to make sure that everything is in order, and constant mistakes on my side which resulted in more phone calls and emails. 

I need to buy and make Athena's cinch-er and neck armour for this saturday and i have a week to deal with all these, plus spending time with Sijun and yes, tuition twice a week. 

I almost broke down when i got a phone call at 10pm in the midst of a movie with SJ and i had to rushed down and edit everything again (yes, scolding from my dad and mum for making so much mistakes).

I don't know what you think is in the life of a private university student, but its fucking busy when it gets fucking busy. & fuck you if you think that only local university students have it tough. You don't know the shit we have to juggle. 

Had kit kats and oh gosh it made my night so so so much better. & i am super grateful to Sijun because he helped me with my projects even though it was not his part to do, and attended lectures with me (6 hours of droning and slides imagine that). I love you so much.

Ok, so for the last two days of his break we didn't really do much as well. I was busy and he was being really understanding. We went to the doctor on Monday because i had been feeling nauseous ever since i hit my hair from the fainting. The doctor told me that i probably can only know whats up IF I FAINT AGAIN. LOL WTF. 

Nothing much except that we had standing sushi bar on Tuesday and took advantage of the 50% all sushi, sashimi and housepour! The bill came up to around $80 with GST for both of us, so we ordered $160 worth of food. 


All the prices i stated are the original price

Beer at $9 each

Platter at $38

Salmon sashimi (5 slices) at $12 each
Tuna sashimi (5 slices) at $12 each

Salmon roll (rockstar rolls) at $16.90
Wagyu beef at $12

We had one more of the salmon sampler which was $20, but no pictures because i was lazy haha

All the food really damn good. & i was sending all these pictures to the whatsapp group guys and then before we know it, we were sending couple pics to one another. 

Started on my props. I hope it would turns out well because i NEED it to turn out well.

Making these >>

First cosplay shoot of 2014. 

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