Monday, March 17

5 days break

Starting from last thursday was Sijun's 5 days break and i'm glad that we finally have some time to spend together because army had been taking a real toll on our relationship for the past one month. Re-visiting some of the places that i went to,,

Sijun accompanied me to school (thanks darling!) and went through a whole 6 hours lecture with me, feeling bored out at the same time.  Actually i have no idea if he is bored out or not because he did understand the theories the lecturer was talking about BETTER than me, and explained to me the logic behind it.

Now THATS awkward. 

But thanks dear still, for accompanying me to school! HAHA, i know you are damn bored lah. Went to Zouk afterwards because roomie wanted to party and relieve the stress from work hahaha! Suddenly glad that i exchanged for this shift dress with another dress on Carousell because i really like this one!

Deciding that my face is too fat and i've gotta "push" my stupid neck back so that my face looks better =0=

Fat face smile. 8D

With the rommie whilst waiting for a taxi. 


Super happening night because firstly, our friend got into a quarrel/fight and it's my first time like having such a thing to happen to me (in a way) so i find it pretty interesting and like a new experience haha! & some of them got real high and these three guys came to dance with roomie and me whilst we lost Sijun and Kwanter and it was pretty awkwardz for me in a sense <.<

At least for me lah ahhaha.

Late meeting on Saturday because Sijun and i were both super tired from last night. Managed to complete some project parts too so it was a productive day after all!

Spotted this over at Takashimaya when we were around Town. Its like a million kg challenge and for people who signed up and overweight to lose weight and win prizes in a sense. I was a little apprehensive when i knew i had to take my weight because it had been months since i last took it.


Decided to try Saveur afterwards at Far East Plaza (newspaper articles plastered over walls helpssss) and its pretty good to be honest.

This duck confetti was good, but a tad salty to my liking. & the potato smashed made me really full because .. its potatoes. 

HAHAHA my fat face. 8'D

Seeing all these bloggers getting sponsorship for plastic surgery is making me super jealous and insecure because they so pretty liao still plastic what sai sia?! <.<

Raise level in SG only =.=

& went to book cafe over at Clarke Quay today with Joey and Sijun! Just got to take pictures whilst waiting for the food because its 1.cafe , 2. we are girls and 3. what else can we do?!

Ordered their fries which turns out to be nice. Iced mocha is pretty nice too heh.

Poor Sijun sleeping because he was too bored with waiting around and doing nothing. It was a study date for Joey and me actually, but i was spending so little time with SJ that i decided to ask him along.

Just Joey sending me e-mails with pictures HAHA. 
Inception sia, pictures within a picture 8'D

Back home after a whole day of cafe and study and SJ being bored LAWL

I know i was being really emotional some days back and thought a lot and a lot about this whole relationship in general. Being there with you matters so much to me. School's busy, clash in timings and just everything in general. 

Projects, Projects, Projects.

I just want to say that i am soooooo glad that you went to Military Police because it does signify more time for us right? & spending these days with you made me realized how much i missed you and how much *this* means to me - you being there to share my joys and pains and angst for projects and school and well, lectures. 

Love ya. 


Thanks for making me fall in love with you all over again baby.


  1. Hey baby! Remember tt im always there for u to support u in whatever project, works or issues tr u have de ok =) not u bf for nth =) muacks!