Wednesday, March 26

Saint Seiya photoshoot

Finally submitted my SQ project on Monday and its such a relief! This project took a lot of time from my side and it was just, crazy in general. I hope we get at least a D for it. Gosh :(

Had my first photoshoot last weekend with Emily and i'm so happy with the entire photoshoot! William and Jo are super nice, friendly and approachable. I was a little hesitant about shooting with William because i don't know him that well before the photoshoot and my expressions had always been awkward and well, bad. But they were so nice and made me felt really comfortable. Super thanks to Angela, Zero and Tay who came to help out as well! 

Love all of you!!

Chiong out my underbust armor and my necklace in 3 days amidst crazy deadlines, work, school and figuring how to make everything because its my first time.

I'm just super grateful to Emily who had been helping me out by telling me what to do and giving me suggestions and stuffs. Love you so much <3

On the day of photoshoot. Took a taxi because i was rushing for time HAHA. Natural light somemore. Taxi uncle was very apprehensive about my staff - he thought that it couldn't fit in. Can one ok Uncle. (Y)

Photoshoot <3

Angela had to seriously contour to make my boobs look legit because i haz no boobs. And then she touched up my make up because Athena needs to look more Kira beside Hades.

Cant wait to receive the pictures from William!! <3

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