Monday, March 31

Food Food Food

I was checking my computer pictures folder when i realized that i still have food pictures inside my "unsorted" folder which meant that i hasn't blogged about it :>

Poulet @ Watergate

Appetizer - Poached egg with mushrooms. 

Pretty good! & even though its sibeh disgusting when you mix the mushrooms with the egg, its simply simply deliciousssss <3 

Main - Whole chicken

Tried the new one with some lemon or what. WHOLE CHICKEN <3 
I really love eating chickens haha, too nice. 

Main - Duck leg 

Not as recommended because its not that nice! I think the chicken is better, and they are famed for that right? :)

Its actually pretty pricey, like $30 per pax :( 
But i wanted to try it for like superrr long so im super glad that i get to try it heh. 
Gonna keep the next Poulet meal to my splurge 8D


Truffle Fries

I like their truffle fries, its pretty good! Cubie was recommending this to me because her friends recommended this to her HAHA. She says that PS Cafe has nicer ones, so im gonna go there and try their truffles fries on Thursday (Free flow) //

Eggs Benedict

Pretty normal but the egg is good :)

All in all the service is simply superb and the environment/atmosphere is really good. Lots of working professionals patronize the cafe after-work so it still gives off a very "working" vibe. But not bad lah, even though the cafe is a tad small.

Gold Thai Food

Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Super, super love this soup. Just looking at the picture now makes me have a craving for it. & its only $6! Cheap or what?! Saw the review on Burpple and i was having an intense craving for thailand food some time ago. Decided to hop over there after shopping and its really nice.

Pineapple rice

Kinda disappointing because i thought that it would be good. 
I still feel that Bangkok Jam's is nicer!

We ordered another chicken wrapped in pandan leaves too and even though the chicken was soft inside, it feels a little too heard on the outer layer. Nevertheless, the entire meal was only $25 and that included two drinks which was around $4 already. No gst and no service charge, very good place for thailand food!!

Krispy Kreme

Its my first time trying it even though the hype was long gone. I feel so outdated hahahah! 

Ordered a chocolate orea and blueberry cheese and its so so good. The donut isnt like those stupid empty ones with 80% air and 10% sugar sprinkled on it. You can really bite and eat donuts. But even so, not a huge fan of sweet things except for bubble tea so yeap, its a good snack though!!

Camwhor-ing like some foreigners in the middle of the pathway LOL.

& i wore my new usagi headband because the other day, i saw a girl wearing it and she pulled it off so well. I don't think i can pull it off that well though :( 

So Pho

I have no idea what all these are called except that the last dish is #26 and the first one was #2b LOL. Its Vietnamese food and i really dun know what it is called, pronounced or yeah. 

#2b is gooddddd. The sauce is goooddddd. Sijun you awesome boy, you know your food. We chose the second picture and #26 because Sijun dared me to ask the waiter to ask if we should eat here or not. So i asked. & the waiter recommended us and didnt answer my question so i asked again if he ate here before and he recommended #26 which is not bad.

HAHA, and when he came over after the meal and asked me if its good, i say yah yeah not bad and this Sijun go and sit there awkward and make me awkward also. & then he burst out laughing so i was even more awkward =.= LOL!

Ok, i can finally clear all these pictures from my phone because i dont like to have such a messy folder <.<

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