Thursday, March 13

Places i went to over the week

Been to quite some places these days - but i just didn't had the time to update them in chronological order. 


We went to JEMS when Sijun had a nights out last week before his road march, and i heard my uncle telling me about this store so i wanted to try it. Ordered this (which i can't remembered) and it was pretty good, except for the steak LOL. The steak tasted damn weird :/

 With the boy haha. I think he purposely act cool because he knew that i was taking a picture of him! LOL, i think i have super many unglam pictures of him haha.


So over the weekends, Sijun and i went to visit Createf Waffles over at Cathay! Its pretty cheap, and their signature dish is Stacko Waffles ($12.90). Sijun had another set menu of theirs and its nice toooo (Y) 
Too good haha.

Trying to impersonate Kwanter's small eyes over here HAHHA

Went to had dinner with Joey and Jonelum over at Tanjong pagar afterwards. You know, we had always said that we wanted a double date after we both have partners, since secondary 3 or something. And its only coming true like now! HAHA.

HAHA no pictures, all the pictures with Joey LOL!

Went to Haji Lane for drinking and shisha because Joey didnt try Shisha before! Also bought a bucket of beers haha, and its around $38 with GST. 


One picture with le BFF <3

Amazing night with the people i love and care for <3

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