Tuesday, April 1

Over the weekends

Went out with Sijun over the weekends to Orchard! :) The agenda of the day was pretty simple because we just wanted to spend some time together. Had the famous chicken rice over at FEP, Krispy Kreme donuts and also Thai food over at sunshine plaza. 

Feels so good to be seeing him again. Really sucks to see him feeling so sad over booking in every Sunday. I hope i can help but i can't do anything except to try and cheer him up and make him see the better and positive side of the entire process.

I hope army ends soon for him!! 

Really glad that we managed to got closer to one another and we are sorta much more intimate in terms of emotion and feelings now because we are more open to one another now! I don't like to tell other people about my insecurities and thoughts because i view them as weakness that just makes people judge you. 

Its really amazing how you can actually slowly open up to someone whom you never thought would be the one at the beginning. Its scary but you know what people say - Love like there is no tomorrow.

Woah thats really some cliche shit that i just said LOL.

The student council from the school came around and gave these out to students who were studying on Monday. So nice of them!! 

All those sweet encouraging messages should be passed on, so im gonna mail them to Sijun and brighten up his day :) 

I had been thinking of giving online blogshops another go as well. All those failed attempts at the past gets to me a little, but i realized that after all these years, its still what i like and wanna do. From picking out the clothes, to designing the website, to marketing on social media and designing everything. Lots of shit to be done, but i like doing all of them.

 I just hope to be more determined and set my sights on it soon because if i can't get myself to commit 100%, i don't think i will do it.

Happy April Fool by the way guys! 

Have fun and remember not to go overboard with sensitive topics and harsh jokes :)

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