Monday, February 3

CNY Celebration!

Day 0 - Reunion Dinner

Fairly simple reunion dinner over at my dad's side, but there were a lot of people who went over, so the food was super super many. Loving the shabu-shabu meat and the abalone which tastes just <3

Yu sheng was good too, and i like how the meaning and words are inscribed on the plate itself as well! Very creative and convenient. It was a messy mess afterwards, but for the prosperity, its worth it! Heh

Day 01 - 初一

Went to my dad side for house visit and went over to Sijun's mum side for house visit as well. Nervous die me, because i have never been to his grandmother side before. Luckily there wasn't a lot of people so it was not that bad. Talk about being nervous! >o<

Went over to my aunt's house afterwards for my mum's side reunion dinner and played with Coco (video on my instagram @itsmejunko)! She is so cute <3 Too bad her brother couldn't come due to a bug infection :( Hope he would be better soon!

Drank with my mum, cousin, Sijun and my uncle's brother and wife. Super funny and we kept laughing. Great to know that Sijun feels ok and at ease with being there :D

On a side note, we finished four bottles of champagnes and almost started on a Chivas before my grandmother started nagging at all of us to stop and head home. Heh.

Day 02 - 初二

Visited my dad's side relatives and met Sijun afterwards. Caught "The Lion Men" and i am once again, intoxicated by Tosh 8D I don't know why, but i really think he has this charisma that emits outta him in a way, cuz he is actually not damn damn shuai to me. I think is his confidence lah.

However, the movie sucks. Too much advertisements - beer, starhub, rws and NETS. Like wtf, your movie very poor, need to satisfy all these sponsors at the sake of your movie quality ah? Plus the superhero part was pretty much uncalled for and i don't see a link. I thought the plot was good because its very "local", but the advertisements and the brokage between some scenes really ruined it. Overall, it made me felt that the movie was made in a rush because they wanted it to be on time for CNY. Whats the point then? 

Sijun was pretty much bored out during the movie and kept thinking that its ridiculous and retarded lol. I felt super guilty because i wanted to watch it and it was a 130 minutes movie so he was .. well, bored most of the time? First time seeing Sijun so bored out by a movie, so i felt super guilty LOL.

Went drinking afterwards at Crazy Elephant and ordered a tower for the both of us. 
SJ = High. 
Me =  Vomited twice

1 - 0

P.S// Thanks for accompanying me till the wee hours and cabbing home afterwards even though you are super tired already! I'm so sorry <3

Day 03 - 初三

Day 03 over at Kwanter's house. Thanks for having us! 

I made my first drink with this "mini" bar of KT. Lol, he got super many alcohol there sia, up there up there. I also wanna make one when i move house. Should should. I made "Sex on the beach" because i always liked that drink, and failed in making B52 shooter because i suck in pouring and over-poured the second drink zzzz. Not cut out to be a bartender HAHA.

Met up with KT, Zack and Gary after a while and played Poker and Blackjack with them. Win lots of $ in Poker lol. Sijun says that i am an aggressive player, and i might get taken advantage of so it's not really a good thing.

Beginner's luck also lah i feel, so hai hao :D

Blackjack was crap. This kwanter got two Ace when he was the banker <.<
But he lost his money again during "In between" and Gary won haha!
I think Zack lost the most LOL.

But good game guys! :Db

Realized that i didn't take #OOTD for both days so i took it in the restroom over at KT's house LOL. Forever taking #OOTDs in toilet one lah me. Damn sad. 

& in case you wanna know where i got my items from! $25 for the entire outfit. 
Pretty ok lah hor.

The shirts are damn comfy and easy to match! $10 only, cheap cheap. I bought in four colors because i very kiasu, and i see bloshops selling them at like $20+ ?! Like wtf, damn ex.

On a side note, i am missing my long hair. But Sijun likes me with short hair as compared the former, which makes me kinda perplexed because i thought guys like long hair girls? & most of my friends told me i looked better with long hair. Ya think?

Sijun just booked in and i am so saddddd, cause everyone didnt have to until either Monday or Tuesday, so i don't understand why he have to book in today zzz. Next week is gonna be a short week for us because i have plans on Saturday, and he haz sports day. & the following one would be V.day.

I hope we have a good V.day this year! <3 I really miss him a lot ever since he go to sergeant school.
Why ah? :(

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