Monday, February 3

40 days of challenge - 14:Talk about a vacation.

  • 14:Talk about a vacation.

Vacation. I have been to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Taiwan for the past one year (and that's a lot to me because i rarely travel overseas) and my favorite one must be Hong Kong with Sijun :)

It meant a lot because it's our first trip overseas and we had a lot of amazing experiences and food treats and sight-seeing, all the time with each other by our side!

This trip was after Beijing internship and we went to HK before coming back to SG!

We wrote this over at "The Peak" at Hong Kong because there was this couple thing-y going on and yeah, it's like woah <3 So we went for it!

Our first meal over at the cafe near our hotel! In any case, he just recovered from a fever (even though he is smiling like damn happily now LOL)

My fave milk tea!! HK's milk tea are like one of the best. Better than TW!

Ok i look damn fat here. Sigh/


Late night sushi buffet introduced to us by our HK friends when i went to HK the other time

First time over at "The Peak" but you can't really see shit because of the bloody fog

Before we head off to take bus and we found this really nice church!

& to meeting up with Gigi and Maggie for shots and a drinking session

Vodka Jellos

10 shots challenge each!

Fusion between SG and HK lol!

& that day we ended damn high LOL. 10 shots in like 15 seconds. 
No joke pls.

Best vacation ever. 

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