Sunday, February 2

40 days of challenge - 13:Talk about the first time you were drunk.

  • 13:Talk about the first time you were drunk.

Woah, HAHA. I think i talked about this before in one of my post? Ok, so i'm just gonna talk about it again since this is an "entry" challenge that sorta thing LOL.

I got drunk for the first time (but i still know what i was doing so i am guess-ing its high rather than drunk?) during my 20th birthday in Beijing. We went to a bar to celebrate my birthday with some colleagues, and the boss of the bar gave us a dozen of beer as congratulatory gift for me. My colleague bought me a cake, and everything was going super well.

Until, i drank half a bottle of Tequila in half an hour. That was probably the first time i got so drunk and vomited and had to have one of my colleague to send me home. Don't even ask what happened afterwards because (no we didn't make out or had sex) but i remembered we kissed (no tongue!) a little, but this was way before i am with Sijun, so its fine ok. /judged anyway.

The first time i got drunk, and probably the start of my chain of drunk nights and my personal "One night in Beijing" stories. Ah, those times. 

"Not drunk not Jane" < Thanks roomie

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