Friday, February 7

40 days of challenge - 18:Talk about something that happened in primary school.

  • 18:Talk about something that happened in primary school.

I'm gonna try and keep all these light-hearted so i am gonna zoom in on the happy stuffs that happened during these three period of my life. I met the best bunch of people when i was in Primary 3 and i was so glad that they made my primary school life so much better. We have since lost touch and i don't remember their name, but one of the guy was also like the first person i called and to make a confession. I literally asked him over the phone on the last day of school because i felt that i had nothing to lose at all. So what if he doesn't like me? But i feel that he likes me leh! So instead of being conflicted over all these questions, i just kinda called him and asked, "Do you like me?" and his answer was "a little, i don't know. I think so".

Lol major wtf. 


Well, it was embarrassing but hey, at least i got my answer. And everything went downhill from Primary 5 so i am gonna skip that part of the memory lane and head straight to tomorrow's question. 

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