Thursday, February 6

40 days of challenge - 17:Talk about someone you want to be friends with.

  • 17:Talk about someone you want to be friends with.

There's this female cosplayer whom i really, really admire and i really, really want to be her friend. But sometimes, i don't know if it's the admiration or that i really want to be friends with her because i don't know her personality and character at all! So i would just scrape it off as the answer for this.

I have been through lots of friendship dramas to come to terms with the fact that - you can't force them. It comes naturally and stay if you guys are meant to be together. Sounds a lot like love huh. But you see, there are some people whom i used to be really close with but it's just so awkward talking to them now. & there are some whom i can still joke around and talk with ease even though i have not met and talked to them for a long time.

There are friends whom have been with me for so so long, friends whom i made up with after huge fights, and friends that never lasted. Friendships are like love - if you guys are meant to be, you probably would. So nope, i don't have anyone in particular whom i would go all the way to make friends with because that's just stupid. How would i know we would compliment each other's characters? 

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