Saturday, February 8

40 days of challenge - 19:Talk about something that happened in secondary school.

  • 19:Talk about something everything that happened in secondary school.

I can't decide on one thing, because i love my secondary school so much. 

I love Swiss Cottage because it holds some of the best memories i would ever have in life, never mind the little dramas that happen. I met so many good people, i had so much fun and i got into my first relationship and even though it ended, it gave me so much insight into love as a whole in general. 

What can i say? I love Swiss Cottage so much, and i am so glad i chose it as my secondary school. I am glad for everyone i met there, and i am glad that i chose badminton as my CCA and i got in (with luck). I met these girls whom i know i can count on, and these guys whom i can just laugh and have fun with - even though we don't really talk that much now.

I failed Physics but i don't give a shit, and even though i love Chemistry but i have zero flair in it and i got a B4 but that's ok because i am not cut out for Science and i always knew it.

Swiss Cottage is a wonderful, wonderful place. I love my secondary school life and nothing would ever compare to being in 2E4'07 (I think its this year) and 4E1'09! <3 I think i might just have gotten the best classes in the entire level. Well, at least to me.

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