Monday, January 20


Been some days since i last blogged! Technically its only three days, but i kept having the feeling that its a really long time already haha! So some of the things that i did over the weekends.

Tried out this place over at Clark Quay, The Central for their cake in a jar. I know it was a trend some times ago about having these cakes inside a jar, but this is my first time trying one.

Next, we went to this place called Cacio E Pepe near my aunt's house after my tuition with SJ. Tried their squid ink spag and its pretty good! They have appetizers (the bread here) which is nice too. A really cozy place but the location might be pretty outta place for many people.

For the first time, i was asked for my name over at Starbucks. FINALLYYYY. Had to take picture of this achievement haha! Anyway its at 313 Somerset LOL

Played around with SJ's new phone and have no friggin idea why the lighting sucks. /judging

Went out later that day with the bros to drink and club at Mink. Mink is pretty boring to be honest, and the drinks are so fucking expensive. Plus, even though i am a girl and i have free drinks over at a table, everyone was standing there like desperate girls waiting to have alcohol lol. 

I mean yeah, true that girls have super many benefits when it comes to clubbing and its unnecessary to pay for your own drinks when there are tons of free ones coming your way because you are born as a girl. The promoters would earn money by getting you in, and in return you get free drinks for your presence in the club as a subtle bait for guys to buy drinks and open table in the club

But idk, i mean standing around the table and waiting to be fed with alcohol with the other girls is pretty urgh for me. Back in Beijing, i used to have free drinks whenever Deb and i club because we would be introduced to tables and they have alcohol so we just drink. That makes me feel like a hooker lol, but i dun really care because at least i don't have to wait. I interacted with the people, and some of them are pretty nice people who wanna interact with you. This, on the other hand, makes me feel like a dog.

But hey, this is my own opinion, and if you are one of those girls, i'm not judging you.

Sometimes i rather buy my own drinks and just pour the fuck i wanna instead of standing there and eyeing at that bottle of vodka the promoter is holding.


That said, good luck with your vocation guys! :D

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