Monday, January 20

Taobao loots


I don't know if anyone wanna see this, but yes, i'm gonna show you what did i buy over at Taobao for less than $120 - $150, including shipping. SJ is really bad in taking #OOTDs, so i'm damn sad cuz i can't really share my #OOTDs!! HAHA. So i'm just gonna share the stock picture with you guys ok. LOL.



Nasty Gal Inspired Black Romper

Nasty Gal Inspired Oversized shirt

Nasty Gal Inspired PU skirt

Nasty Gal Inspired Black Dress

Yellow Top

Nasty Gal Inspired White Mesh Top


Tiffany and Co Inspired bracelet

Gold Necklace


Alice in wonderland schedule book - apparently authentic because this cost me around $20 already

Truck lots of stationery which i think is really, really cute!

What's your favorite stores?

P.S/ On a side note, im selling the romper at $18.50 and the black dress at $16.50 because they don't suit me, sizing as in. So please comment if you are interested to buy!<3 Sankyuu haha

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