Friday, January 17

Deb's 21st birthday


I edited your picture to nice nice so that you look pretty on your 21st birthday ok! :D 

Anyway, i just wanna thank you for inviting me to such an amazing birthday which you planned everything by yourself and its really good and i'm super impressed! I hope you will continue to stay pretty and lovely ok! :)

In any case, the theme was "Walking on sunshine" and i had to wear something floral and 'sunshine-y' about it. So yeah, but i really feel that i look fat and so big on the camera :(
I don't think i look good in yellow at all, sigh. 

All the pictures look very good right! 
Heh heh. The pictures are all taken by the friend and not me, so yeap, I don't claim credits for it! :> 

One of the picture we took with the birthday girl! Gave it a nice filter which i think suits the theme of the party. Its a "bright" event after all! Heh heh.

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