Monday, January 6

Taiwan Travelogue 101 - 南投

Hi, finally got my lazy ass back to the computer and continued with the travelogues. Anyway, if you guys do click on the hashtags to read everything, you would possibly wonder why there is only one post and you don't see a BACK or FRONT button. 

Its because my html skills sucks and the button ended up under the side bar, over at the "Archives" section. So it just flew up there, and you can read the previous tagged posts when you press that button. I'm so sorry but i can't find another template which is good enough and my html skills sucks to actually go and figure out (i did actually but it failed) so im gonna stick with this and hopefully people would know about it ... Ha.

日月潭 to 南投

So we moved to another hotel again and went about the places before we checked in to the third hotel. If you follow the posts, you would know that we have been checking in and out from hotels because we are traveling distances from each destinations. We stayed a total of 5 hotels this trip!

This is a super nice place and the sheeps are all so friggin cute! 

But they are damn aggressive HAHHA. & two sheeps actually "pushed" me when i was too slow in giving out food. Its damn cute BUT DAMN SCARY TOO. Cause you would expect the sheeps to be white and fluffy but they are really smelly and black. LOL.

Super aggressive LOL. 

& the pictures i took with the sheeps (which is really damn hard because all they care about is the food and food and fooddddd). So im super glad i managed to catch a few snapshots here and there!

& a group picture taken at the farmhouse!

I didn't take much pictures other than the times when we were here because it was raining and the other places were pretty boring. This is possibly the only highlight of the day!

Checked into our hotel Dindai Glass Villa & its so friggin cold. Plus the owners weren't really friendly, and everything also need money. =.= I really don't recommend this villa to my readers. 

& its really cold because its over at the mountainous area and there is no heater. LOL. 

Ok guys, i will try to update on the miscellaneous places which i visited before i reached Taipei :) I'm starting school this coming Thursday and i'm pretty excited yet nervous. Fingers crossed everything is gonna be ok. Trying to churn out a 2013 summary post soon, so do stay tuned,, if you are interested LOL.

I update my instagram more so you can follow me @itsmejunko if you want to. I'll try and update my blog again this week, thank you for reading! :)

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