Friday, January 3

Late Rebellion Phase

I feel like i'm going through a late rebellion phase - yes, at the age of 20 years old. I can't help but snap at the logics my mum would give me, when others can't understand me (literally), and when the adults can't understand the brilliance and how amazing it is when i cook something really good up. I can't stand losing arguments, and i cannot help but rebut back till the very end when someone disagrees with me, or maybe, even to just speak a little louder at me.

I still think about my uni fees, and in the near future and mapping out my career. Yes i do that, but when someone nags at me about it, i get really irritated. On the outside, i would go blank, and retort back when i am feeling nasty that day. On the inside, i would simply be wtf-ing and telling everyone to shut up and listen to me because i am old enough to do what i want.

Is this rebellion? If it is, well shit. I seem to be going through an endless period now. 

I went to google and search about Late Rebellion Phase. It happens. Someone was 30 years old when it happened to her. Another women was nearing 40 when she started hitting the clubs and party every night. Is it because in my teenage life, i was a good kid along? I was. I never go clubbing. I cared about my schoolwork. I never smoke or do drugs or skip school. I never got obsessed with games and only read manga and watch anime during my free times (maybe sometimes during my un-free time too). 

I don't hang out late, and my first "rebel" against my mum was in year 2010 when i stayed out the entire night for the countdown over at Clarke Quay (no taxis!). 

" You are in the process of becoming your true self and it is a growing season that takes as long as it takes. Just my opinions. Take care and be well. "
 I hope this is true, because at the rate of my quarrels with my mum and dad, i have the urges now and then to pack my clothes and leave the house once and for all. 


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