Wednesday, January 8

K-session with the girls

K-session with the girls the other day! Our singing sessions are always crazy, and this time we went to Teo Heng KTV over at NTU Alumni for a 6hours marathon. 1-7 for only $37 is amazingly cheap, plus it was a small cosy room for the 5 of us. Be sure to book in advance because we saw people waiting outside that day for rooms.

Lots of pictures for this post! :D 

Its super hard to get a proper picture because once you whip out your phone and start posing, these camera magnets chicks will whizz out from all around and attack you. So the picture would really ends up looking like these instead.

The next boomz in SG

Headed to eat Zhi Char as per recommended by Junli and its really nice! We walked a few rounds though and we kept disturbing Junli mama with xiaoxin voice. 

School's starting tomorrow! & I'm missing SJ so much, i hope Saturday comes soon. x

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