Thursday, January 9

First day of school

Heh, this is so me.

First day of school today and it was just 1 lecture (3 hours though) and my eyes are getting blurry. I suspect my contact lens to be the problem over here :( 

Ok, im typing this and i got reminded about the contact lens i bought from Taiwan. Now where the heck did they fly to. Wts lol.

Ok, so basically i went to school today and i got lost because i don't know where the heck is lecture hall 3.26, and i am too proud to ask someone because I KNOW I CAN BLOODY FIND IT. AND I FOUND IT. /flips hair.

But in any case, met up with this girl whom i met at a forum. Still pretty awkward because we don't seem to have much topics to talk about =0= Visiting lecture today and half the time i am to catch what the Aussie dude was saying. & they do say "Hey mate!" which is so cute because Joesph Morgan always says that in Vampire Dairies <3

Sidetracked // Congrats to Ian for being the most popular sci-fic actor for People's Choice 2014, and Nina and Ian for being the best chemistry on screen for People's Choice 2014. Likewise to Justin Timberlake for best album. You guys are simply amazingggg <3 So proud of all of ya!  Heh heh.

I'm missing SJ so much! His phone got confiscated because he did not lock his locker (trolololololol) and he is gonna be POP-ing this Saturday <3 Can't wait to see him then. 

Dinz with the cosplay people tomorrow over at Swee Choon. Too long never see them already, missing them so much! 

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