Tuesday, December 24

Taiwan Travelogue 101 - 日月潭

Bidding goodbye to our room, which has a fire escape equipment sign above our door so its pretty wtf LOL.

Taichung to 日月潭

So, following from the previous entry, Taichung was an amazing place and a definite must-visit if you are looking to experience some of Taiwan's local culture.

Moving on, we traveled to 日月潭 the next day and went to some scenic places along the way. Some of the places which we went would be 妖怪村, 集集 railway station. 

Its a very interesting place and i would assume that many tourists would go to visit during their trip to Taiwan. 

HAHA, wts. 

Went to this store and bought two christmas card for SJ and Yui, whom im exchanging 

& into this cute thing which i have no idea when they would send?! I HOPE THEY DO SOON.

I went for this auto lottery shit and ask for my relationship with SJ. HEH, GOOD OK. /BROFIST

It means that if i were to set my sight far, i would get a good catch. LOL, i don't know lah.

My mum who wanted to try too. She asked for wealth and got a super good one lol wtf.

My dad basically just say "YOU TRUST A MACHINE AH" , ehhhhhhhhhh. He always like that one la. Anyway its only NTD10 so just play play lor.


We went to 集集 railway station next to look around!

Wanted my mum to take an artistic shot with the entire track and in the end she zoom in ... 

Yupp, obligatory family photo!

We visited this temple next, which crumbled under the 921 earthquake that attacked Taiwan some time back. It looks really, well really amazing. 

Lol wts is my sister doing hahhahahahaha!

Went to another temple and they have this amazing dragon crafted with sand. Too zai already.


Finally reached our destination and proceed to have lunch afterwards. I love this restaurant! Their food damn nice and its affordable also.

SUPER LOVE THEIR FOODDDD. Please go to this restaurant if you are heading there - you wont regret!

& boat ride afterwards!

We also went to the village whereby the 原族民 of Taiwan stays. Nothing too special, but its good to roam around the streets and just look around and hear the locals talk in their really cute accent.

Headed back to the hotel afterwards! Our second hotel is Tan Hui Hotel and i loveeeee their rooms. Its super big for the triple bed rooms (but small for the double bed ones), and there is even a bathtub!

& they have complimentary teddy bears! Too cute.

Dinner that day, which ok, not bad.

Ok, so more on with the next post! /o/ 

Till then, xoxo. 

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