Friday, December 6

Birthday dinner with the girls

Celebrated Junli's birthday for her in advance (because its the only date whereby all of us are free haha)

Xinni & I reached earlier because we were both pretty much free and bored and so we met up earlier. Xinni bought some clothes from H&M in preparation of her Taiwan trip (did i mention that we are gonna be at Taipei on the same exact dates?! LOL) and we went to Cineleisure afterwards because i wanted to get Artease. 

The 25% sweetness is terribly,, un-sweet. I conclude that the sweetness is only accurate when the servers are free enough to measure the exact sweetness, and when they are busy (during weekends for example), they just heck and you still get a damn sweet drink even though its supposedly to be 25% LOL.

& we ended up wearing the same bottom HAHA. Well, it was a sweet coincidence and we took a picture and tricked Junli into thinking that it was pre-arranged hahha. I swear that each time i head to Orchard, i would bump into someone wearing this lol.

Ok, someone butt-photobombed us.

Junli hopz over afterwards and we were chatting stupid things and doing crazy things whilst waiting for Cassia & Yingting. HAHA, fun times as usual <3

Dinner over at The Providore

My very artistic picture ahha, still got flower one ok. Wtf the Lasagna is LARGE but its like wtf, a one-person portion?! There are five prawns (small portion) and we each got one prawn hahahha mygod.

Ok basically the menu is categorized into Small, Medium and Large. So we asked the waitress if a dish from each category would be good, and she said "yes that would be good!" 

Meatballs from the Medium category.

Anyway as you can tell, its basically very little for us and we were very hungry, especially this Cassia (dun see her so skinny ah, she eat quite a lot one hahaha)

So, we headed over to Antoinette , since it was nearby. 

Ordered Nutella and some fion thingy or whatever crepes (chocolate and berries) for about $16 each? Its really good actually, but i thought the Nutella was really harsh on the throat (probably because its thick).

Anyway, Junli & Xinni started to go crazy and going all ang-moh because the place is decorated in a "England way". HAHA, i joined in and we fooled around whilst Cassia and Yingting pretended not to know us and were damn paiseh of us (aww i know you love us).

Anyway Junli and Xinni are the main drama queens and i was the supporting actress HAHA. But love them anyways. Everyone was looking at us and the waiters were throwing disapproving glances. 
HAHA please dont act atas ok you people. We are just being fun wwwww

Taken with Junli's fish eye thingy which takes damn long to fix and got dissed by Xinni and Cassia HAHA, damn sad LOL!

Obligatory picture at the end of the day! Focal point is the christmas tree behind us *^* 

Happy birthday again to Junli darling and i hope you like the bombz wallet we got for you :D 
(we got her a Fossil wallet anyway). 

Love all you girls and cheers to more dinners and crazy nights xo.

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