Monday, December 9

Weekends & MK's birthday

Hello guys, i hope all of you had a blasting weekend! Mine was awesome, so i hope yours was too. Gonna be flying off to Taiwan tomorrow (technically Wednesday since its a 0:55am flight), and im really excited because its gonna be my first time going to Taiwan.

Looking forward to wearing fall/winter clothes yippee!


Sijun came over to my house and surprised me with a morning kiss. I'm really sorry if i'm gonna sound super mushy and corny with all the stupid romance shit because recently, our relationship became more bonded in a way. We realized how much we love each other and we are gonna get engaged soon. 

Ok just joking. Maybe its how my period is over and there are not blood flowing outta my body every breathing second, i feel super happy and started to focus on the positive things in my life. I just realized how much i love my boyfriend and yeah, im corny like this.

Ok anyway back to the topic on Saturday,, we hopz over to L2P because i needed to pass Shantene her makeup stuffs. L2P was super, super quiet. Poor organizers, probably gonna be making a huge loss from this event seeing how empty it was for a game convention at Suntec.

Made a move and went to Lady M for their confections because Burpple was raving about it on their website. I went to see reviews online as well, and everyone loved the food. Since it was just at Marina Sq and i was heading to Suntec, Sijun and I decided to give it a try. 
Something like high tea that sorta thing hahaha. Very atas right, i know. 

Took a snap of their menu in case any of you are interested in heading down to the cafe. Its at an average of $7.50 per slice of cake, and i would recommend the Gateau Nuage (cheesecake) and their signature Vanilla Mille Crepes.

On a personal preference level, i like the Gateau Nuage the most because the cheese was rich and creamy, and i am a cheesecake person. The Vanilla Mille Crepes is good as well, but i like cheesecakes more. Its really soft and worth trying though!

Ordered a third slice of cake named "Checker" and the chocolate was really rich and filling. Definitely appealing to choco lovers, but since im not a huge fan, it was ok for me.

Everything about the food was good. I like the simple concept, and the waitresses were friendly too, though their service speed was pretty slow. There was a huge hiccup though - which i ranted to my friends on that day, as well as on my instagram when i posted the cakes picture, 

BUT, the management called me today to apologize and make up for their service. I find the service recovery satisfactory, at least to me, so im not gonna talk about the hiccup on my blog. 

Overall, its actually a really good cafe with good food - but the service might be slow at times. Avoid peak periods and get take-away for service charge waiver! (Saw this somewhere, so thought i would share)

We walked and shop around, and hopz over to Bugis for dinner because we were around that area. We wanted to eat this famous duck rice at first, but in the end we had Chong Qing Grilled Fish because its all about reminiscence of Beijing food baby.

This is pricey as compared to Beijing's ok. I know how you guys will say "This is Singapore what, also not China", but seriously, you will never know until you lived in a country with cheap and good food for 6 months and you come back to SG for expensive and normal food 8( /sad face.

We ordered the big fish (we finished it), and the sides were mainly at $3 each - like you can choose which sides you wanna add in with your fish. We chose beancurd skin, seaweed, golden mushroom and beancurds. Two bowl of rice and iced water and everything was around $60. 

The fish was $30 for small, and $38 for big. 

Overall the food was ok (even though i still like Beijing's better), but it was really expensive, because we usually have these for $30 in China. HALF PRICE OK. 
Sorry that im so cheapskate.. but i cant spend on food. LOL.

Ended the day with chats about how we met, to how we got together and how we are still together. 
Oh those times.


Woke up at around noon time and head over to Sijun house to send him off for his field camp training. Sweet boy wrote me letters to keep me company throughout my Taiwan trip and even had this small paper for me to write about my day and rate my overall happiness, and he would collect back.
LOL, army taught him all these weird weird things (nevertheless very sweet) things already hahahahaha/

Our color difference lol wtf. I cant even see my teeth here HAHAHA. But my face so round HAHAH wts. Stupid Sijun and his sharp features/face blergh.

Good luck with field camp ok! Its gonna be a tough 5 days training, but i'll be supporting you mentally! Jiayou ok! :)

I wrote this letter for him (which i think his sergeant will pass to him in the middle of the field camp). I sent in late, but i really hope that he would get it OTLZ. I wanna show my support too ok! /o/

Headed off to MK's birthday party at Waterfront Hotel afterwards. Happy 21st birthday girl! Thanks for the invite and i hope you like my small gift. XOXO

The theme of her party was "What do you want to be when you grow up?" , and i wanted to be some celestial goddess when i was small. Blame too much "Journey to the west" shows. In the end, i went as some dolls because even though i fucking hate dolls because they are so creepy, i like those that are so cute and sweet. Something like lolita-ish you know! But anway i look like some pregnant woman so failed lolz.

But i had fun! Thanks for the invite again :)

With the only two other people whom i know during the party haha! Camwhore with Kaoru & Yumi because they are so cute (and "horny" /coughcough). Thanks for the company guys!

Gonna be packing my Taiwan stuffs soon, and i sincerely hope that i wont be freezing to death from the cold weather because .. i dont really have cute winter clothes. 

I wanna go and shop my life awayyyyyy.

School's starting soon too. Meh. Till then! xoxo

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