Monday, November 25

Weekends x.

This weekend was the first one of which SJ booked out. Finally seeing him after 16 days - missed him a lot. Feeling a little lazy to continue with the #LORGF because life had been the same for the constant weekdays without him. Feelings aside, all i do is eat sleep internet. Not exactly worth reading huh.

Took a taxi to Pasir Ris (because i was running late), and ended up waiting for him till around 2.30pm (he was supposed to reach at 1.30pm!) I think his platoon really took a while.

The first picture that we took to show the color comparison heh

We went back over to his house afterwards to have some rest before heading out for dinner. He was napping and i decided to take a picture because its not very often that he would nap with such a position. Sleep also wanna act cool is it LOL LOL LOL.

Bought butterbeer over at JEMS - apparently its not on their menu and when i requested for it, the barista gave the "AGAIN" and the exasperated look. LOL WTF? I never drink before, you cannot make is it? If you cannot make then forget it lah, just tell me. Don't need to give me the exasperated look pls. =.=

Anyway its not very nice in my opinion. Too creamy, but because need to post on instagram so need to make it looks very tasty lol.

Went out the next day to grab his SAF stuffs at Chevrons Club before we went to Clarke Quay for bak kut teh. Headed to orchard afterwards to buy his NS stuffs and walk around as well. The lights are really pretty! Loving all the decorations - especially Orchard Central and ION! :)

As usual, i wanted to take #OOTD but fail LOL. I blame Sijun and his photo-taking skills OTLZ. So i went to H&M to take one. I realized that i still like Topshop the best because of the lighting and the mirror position HAHAHAHAHAH.

I dont understand how some girls can take #OOTD so easily and be cool and all in the public. I swear i can only act cool when im alone with no one watching. LOL. I'm insecure like this. 

Bought these casings which are on sale! Grabbed one for Junli and Deborah because fellow iphone users :) Very nice right, heh heh. & its on sale - like a dollar each, and buy 5 get 1 free!

Lastly, came across this quote which i find it very meaningful and worth sharing with everyone. I know that despite this, relationships aren't something which can feed you. But at the end of the day, its not gonna be the money or pride that makes your life complete - its the human to human relationship you have in your whole phase of life.

Ending my entry today with 10 reasons why i love Sijun :)

1. You would always give in whenever we get into any argument or tiff.

2. You would sacrifice your sleep just because i want you to stay with me for the night - even if it means you need to wake up with only 4 hours worth of sleep and head off to work the next day.

3. You always notice when i wear something new.

4. You would always "kiap"" things for me to eat, even till today.

5. You don't mind spending money on me even though you would end up broke for the next week and surviving on grass.

6. You would look at me the same way you would at my prettiest, when i am at my lowest and worst.

7. You have never scolded me till this date, least with vulgarities.

8. You would write me letters and plan weekends just so that i won't be bored when we head out.

9. You always make "kissy" face to me, even in the public.

10. You love me for who i am, and accepts the fact that i am a cosplayer and i am not like any other girls who are deemed "normal" by society.

Gonna put something which i look ugly in because i think you look shuai here. 

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