Tuesday, November 26

31 Reasons Why Guys Don't Cheat

I came across this article when i was browsing through the Internet today. 

I thought it was really good.

I had always been pretty negative about men and their "faithfulness" because let's face it - there are too many instances around that make us continue to believe in the "happily ever after" in fairy tales anymore. I saw once, on this drama serial, whereby the man was advising his female friend about how to deal with his husband having an affair. He has three wives, all of which he loves dearly with equal love. 

The other day i was taking a cab to fetch Sijun from his first book-out, and there was this taxi driver who started to talk about how his brother had an affair and a second family. Then, he talked about his own younger days and when he did too, committed fidelity. 
According to him, its "ok as long as you still provide for your first family".

I don't really understand because as a woman, this is really confusing. 

So what you are saying that, if i as a woman, is able to take care of the family well (provided that i have kids and all), and still love you at the same time, it's ok for me to have an affair as well? I mean, aren't we talking all about gender equality these days now. 

Then why the heck, when a man has an affair, he is deemed to be "admirable" by other men, and when girls do the same, its all "sluts" and "whores". Even women themselves agree, because when girls gossip about how this guy is a player, you go "he is such a player! he is such a bad boy! i like bad boys". But when it's a girl doing the same thing, its "such a whore" , "such a slut!" , "probably another loose vagina" . 


I'm not talking about how gender equality should be implemented (AWARE is doing enough of those things now), and i'm not saying how women should have affairs too. 

I just wanna say that the next time you are about to commit something which you know is morally wrong, 
put yourself in your partner's shoe and think about it. 
And if you still feel nothing about it afterwards, its best to have a clean break because you don't love her or him anymore.

It sure hurts the same for both male and female when they realized that they are cheated on. 

I'm no saint, and people close to me would know about how i probably have little rights to talk about this issue. But i still feel that its something to be addressed - god knows why.

Till then. x

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