Thursday, November 21

Mini updates

Hello everybody! Anyway before i say anything, i just wanna thank everyone out there who still bothers to read this blog. At some point of time, i really wanted to make it big as a blogger. Sponsored clothes, invites to exclusive events and being fabulous and pretty and basically free stuffs everyone (the main point). 

But then again, i know its not an easy life living under the constant scrutinize of the public. Negative comments, haters blah blah and blah. Maybe a simple blog which i would update when i feel like and share stuffs i feel would help anyone, even a little, is better for me. So yeah, i am sticking with this plan.

Taiwan Trip
Planned a family trip to Taiwan next month from 11 December - 19 December. It was a lot, a lot of planning. Firstly, i had never been to Taiwan before and having so many cities, its hard to figure a way out to maneuver as much of the country as possible with the least amount of effort. 

So its booked! I would like to thank Deborah and her friend for kindly sending me their itinerary when they visited Taiwan during June, and i was able to contact their driver and followed their schedule for minimum hassle. I'm looking forward to playing with all the sheep and basking in the hot spring!! Crossing fingers that everything would turn out well! 

Been having a really big craving for Tamoya these days, esepcially when I used to visit this restaurant with Sijun when we first found out about it. So sad that everyone is not free to accompany me there!! ToT
Finally went today with Rei, Yui, Zero and Yukiko and ahh, my craving is satisfied. I dun know if its just me, but i felt that the standard kinda dropped. Regardless!!

Check in on Facebook over at Tamoya @ Liang Court to get a free prawn tempura! I love the Kake Udon the most, as well as this tofu thing on top of the udon LOL (I have no idea what it is). 
No GST and service charge so <33 (I think)

Zone-00 Photoshoot & Costest
Upped a picture from the Zone-00 shoot that i had some time ago with Yumi and William at Ngee Ann poly. Thank you Sijun and Farid for helping out during the shoot, and Ms Tan for booking the classroom for me!

Pht: William | Hime: Junko | Mayoko: Yumi | Edit: Junko & Yumi | Helpers: Farid & SJ

Been some time since i last make up so i took this chance to costest Mayoko since i would be cosplaying another version with Yumi some time later again. 

I think that my cheeks are too fat for her, because she has really slim and sharp features. The original character reference. My lens are not accurate so yup. & no brows too so yeah.

My sister came in and wanted to take pictures too so we did LOLOLOLOLOL.

Really love Zone-00 a lot. Can't wait to challenge all the different characters from the series <3 Been contemplating to buy the figurine of Benten. I think i would LOL. 

Free time & Sijun
Been watching The Originals a lot because of the awesome cast and the number of gorgeous people in the show. Personally i am absoutely biased towards Rebekah, so yah loooo. How can you don't love such a woman?!

Watching Kill La Kill now too because everyone is talking about it. The news about a lady whom called the cops on a cosplayer who is cosplaying as Ryuko really shocked me. I just hope that the public would be wise enough to judge for themselves who's right and who's wrong.

Sijun and me are coping pretty well with NS life but yeah, its going well! I do miss him, but i try to make myself busy with other things because its pretty useless to miss and miss and nothing is gonna happen right? Might as well do something which is more realistic haha. Sorry that i am such an un-romantic person. 

Ending with an unglam picture of me - because i am unglam like this. Till then xo.

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