Wednesday, November 6

USS Halloween Night 03

It was considered to be a double date for us! I was really excited for this because i have heard so many good reviews and raves about this entire event. The tickets were priced at $50 each for student (so happy to be regarded as a student LOL). 

We were supposed to meet earlier, but i was late (again) and ended up meeting at Buona Vista because i wanted Sijun to u-turn back and we would meet halfway. Its kinda like "so i wont have to take the MRT alone" thing. There were so many people even though it was a Thursday and non-peak timing :/

I couldn't decide on what to wear that day, and i was running late already. So i just wore a long shirt dress and a pair of white shorts. I look unglam LOL. Anyway the place was super hot 'cause we were running around. Thank god i wore "unglam-ly"

Asked Sijun to pose an #OOTD for me since he is going into army soon. 
Haha, this is like his default wear. I call it Set A. 

The start of the tour! I didn't bring my camera so everything is blurrish and i didn't want to take pictures of the setting. You can probably read or google from other blogs.

I'm gonna risk looking ugly but to post this picture because this girl is damn pretty. Her costume at least! Its spider personified i think. I loveeeee spiders.

Hi this girl very pretty also. LOL! Im sorry i feel like a desperate man looking at girls all the time. BUT SHE REALLY DAMN PRETTY LAH!

My ex-classmate (the vampire) and his girlfriend lol. 

The prettiest vampire. 

I wanna be her boyfriend <3

"Now, im gonna make you into a toad unless you call me Queen."

Fooling around with Sijun on the stage ahhaha

Too dark, but the entrance of the place. Once i reached the place i was like "omgggg so niceeeeeee"

USS Halloween is really amazing! My fave haunted house would be "Songs of death" cuz everything is decorated as "chinese horror" and i think its very cute LOL. Its like omg look, thats the tablet. EH LOOK LOOK GOT LEGS AND HANDS LEH.

Half of the time i was going "omg i wanna ask them how they do one. Damn nice please. Their skills damn good". Sorry, cosplayer instinct sank in 8'D

All in all, my favorite is the vampires zone (BECAUSE VAMPIRES ARE SO GODDAMN COOL) and they can never be scary because they all so chio please. Like wts, i cant feel scared when a pretty girl runs towards me. I would gladly let her turn me and maybe i would be prettier with all the "DNA transformation" thing. LOL LOL LOL.

Thank you Sijun for accompanying me there! & Kwanter and Huiru which made things so much more fun as well :)

I'm already looking forward to the next USS Halloween already! <3

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