Wednesday, November 6

Topshop Digital Fashion Week

I was invited to Topshop DFW last Saturday by Deborah! Initially we thought that it was gonna be the actual runway - turns out to be just the shop opening itself. Pretty bummer, but nevertheless we still had fun! :) 

The new collection was pretty good, and if you count the bar they had in the store on that day, as well as the food and drinks going around by the waiters and waitresses, it is actually a pretty good collection launch opening for normal shoppers like us. 

I thought it was a fashion show, and i wanted to take the chance to look a little more "fashionable". I coordinated my outfit with the color Black x Red. Been some time since i wore my high knee socks as well, so i threw that into my outfit as well.

It was actually pretty hot, and i felt a little overdressed. Everyone was wearing simple dresses or perhaps dressier tops and all. LOL, regrets x. 

Picked out this blouse and skirt which i really adore. I love the detailing on the skirt, but i realized that $89 for a skirt like this was pretty not worth it. Yeah, its topshop and there's this brand image and value blah blah blah, but i would rather buy clothes which are valued and brand-less, than to wear clothes which are branded and expensive. 

Perhaps its because im someone who likes to have as many clothes as possible in my wardrobe, and wearing the same thing everyday is so boring. But then again, i dont have the cash to splurge on too much clothes.

Coincidentally, we also met Jacqueline and Alyssa during the opening. Obligatory picture to take with the Topshop photobooth! :)

& lastly, thank you roomie for inviting me to this opening! I was too tired to stay for the after-party, so when all the bloggers and celebrities came, i was too tired to even start looking.

& i went home to continue my little prop-chionging. I think my Sasha staff would be ready by tmr. Sticking everything together now! <3 

Till then guys xoxo. 

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