Thursday, November 7

Mini gathering @ The Sushi Bar

Mini dinner gathering before Sijun and Kwanter starts their life as army boys! Dinner was suggested by Deborah over at The Sushi Bar. 

Their food is really good! The queue is long so we waited for around half an hour before we got a seat. The bill came up to be around $86 for all these and 3 bottles of beer @ $20. No service charge or GST! :)

Personally i prefer the Salmon here over the standing sushi bar ones. Its chunky and juicy, and most importantly, it tastes fresh and not raw. I felt that the salmon over at the standing sushi bar was so fresh it tasted pretty raw. Didnt really like it that much.

Gonna miss this boy a lot. I wanna type some mushy stuffs here like "insert a paragraph of how i would miss you and how we would last and how i would wait for you", but i figure it would be too much for the readers to take. So im gonna keep it simple and say 

You can do it! 
I believe in you.

& last but not least, im loving my new shirt from & shorts i bought recently online. 
Its so pretty /swoons. Absolutely in love with the kissy lips all over me. HAHA

I have been thinking of starting a #Lifeofarecruitsgf (life of a recruit's girlfriend) blogging challenge for the next 9 weeks when Sijun is in army. I have no idea if i can keep up and continue to blog for everyday and publish it as a weekly thing, but i guess its simple since im not gonna write essays on how i feel. 

Sooo, if you are a girlfriend of a guy who is gonna go into army soon like maybe next year or so, i do hope my posts helps a little in allievating and preparing you guys for the new phase in the relationship! I cant promise all good and fantastic tips, but at least you would know what are the things you would expect to meet and bump into as the days goes on. 

So then! This challenge starts from tomorrow night (which would be the day i starts to not see him at all) 
The first post would be up on the first Sunday, which would be on the 10th November :) 

Till then! :) xoxo. 

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