Monday, November 18

#LORGF Week 01

#LORGF = Life Of a Recruit's GirlFriend
Its gonna be the second weekend soon, and SJ would be back next friday from his confinement. 
Day 05 - Monday
I was home the entire day playing Pokemon because i was lazy and tired from last weekend's cosplay event. That said, i was also suffering from Post-event syndrome and started to look through facebook and spamming likes on the pictures, statues and comments. Obligatory pictures uploading, tagging of people, liking of tagged pictures and thank-you post to everyone who made the event an amazing one. 
I was guilty for having 13 missed calls from SJ on the way home on Sunday though because my phone's ringtone is "ever-that-soft". It was a short call as well since i was with Shera and i didn't wanna to "pangseh" her in a way since she was alone. 
Overall, the day was spent rolling around and playing Pokemon and getting pissed off when i lost to the gym leader and Trainer N.

Day 06 - Tuesday
The same old thing. I woke up late, ate lunch, played Pokemon and started planning for my family's Taiwan trip next month. Since its my first time being to Taiwan and i have no experiences or whatsoever, i was checking up on every possible sites and forums for the places we can go.
SJ started to text me more often, whenever he can, and called me whenever he can as well because he felt guilty to have such short phone calls with me, and limited texts as well. His background was always noisy because its a camp (a guy's camp), so its hard to talk some times. Also, he would have to hang up anytime possible since he might be called down to fall in or assemble by his sergeants.
I was actually pretty ok with it because duh, its not a holiday resort. I just feel bad for him because he is feeling guilty for something of which he has no control over :(
Day 07 - Wednesday
The third day of which i was stucked at home. Raining all the time - makes me wonder how is the weather over at Tekong. Started to get used to life without Sijun and went back to being an Otaku girl - gaming, manga, anime and internet. Played with my sister and had more family time since i was home all the time. Ironically i didnt quarrel as much as i thought i would with my mum. She is probably glad that i was home all the time and by her side. 
Itching to go out but everyone is either busy with schoolwork or work. I must be the only lazy bum rolling around at home. That said, i need to get my ass and create an account with a driving center. #Procrastination.
Day 08 - Thursday
Sijun had lectures all day long so he was able to call me during the afternoon. Chatted for a while, but as usual, the PA system was blasting off all the time so it was hard to talk to him. Nevertheless, it was still good to hear his voice. The call came as a surprise :) Pokemon again. Taa. Oh, and taiwan trip planning. Gah.

Day 09 - Friday
Slightly interesting day today! Went out for dinner over at Chinatown with the cosplay people and chatted + gossiped + fangirl and its just amazing lah! Finally stepped out of the house so it was like omg <3 Didnt dress up because i wanted to be a hobo. Hating my fringe though - need to rebond asap.
Sijun called at around 10pm but i was still with the friends. I realized that i always chose friends over him when i am out with the latter. In a sense i understand how he feels about being alone and wanting to talk to me more and such, like communication so that we wont drift apart. But perhaps im confident in our relationship and my feelings towards him that i dont find the need to talk at every opportunity that we have just to keep the relationship going. 
I mean, if the entire relationship is built solely on how much you hang out together, thats such a facade one right? Hmm, just my thoughts. I wonder if i'm being a bad girlfriend because i really felt that no matter if we did talk or not, im still gonna love him the same way i did when i fell for him at the beginning of the relationship. Gah, i hope i dont get too confident in a relationship that i slack off :/
Day 10 & 11 - Saturday & Sunday 
Officially missing him a lot. Maybe its because we used to go out during weekends, and now weekends felt so empty. I had a sudden craving for Tamoya on both days, but nobody was free to head out with me. Schoolwork, exams and well, work.
Arranged to have Tamoya with Rei on Monday instead because alas, by the time i asked her, she was on her way home back from Chinatown. /unlucky/ 
Hopefully things would be better after this confinement of two weeks! So, my "i miss you" takes effect after like er, 10 days. Thats pretty good huh. At least i am not weeping my eyes out and crying myself to sleep every night like a needy girlfriend. 8)

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