Monday, November 11

#LORGF Week 0

#LORGF = Life Of a Recruit's GirlFriend

I decided to start this 9 weeks diary thing because i would probably be bored to half death since i have one person less to go out and talk to (which i would most of the time). I feel so free and even though it is still an habit to check my phone regularly, there are lesser texts and lesser phone calls. My phone is definitely rendered useless by a large margin of 20% now. LOL.

I'm literally FREE now. LOL. 
Very Free

So here goes nothing. Hopefully my thoughts doodles can give the future #LORGF some insight into how its gonna be then.

Day 01 - 7 Nov 2013

Went to send off Sijun over at Tekong with his parents today. The reporting time was 45 minutes before the actual time whereby they would need to be present over at BMTC (Basic Military Training Center). I woke up at 5.30am (first time in such a long long long long time) and traveled from Bukit Batok to Pasir Ris via mrt. Might i add that the traffic was horrible, and some of the passengers were pretty uncouth.

The shuttle bus boarding location was at the bus interchange itself, and the flow is actually pretty smooth. The new recruits aren't allowed to wear hats or sunglasses or anything after that, and yeah. The ferry to the island was a good 10 minutes or so, and upon reaching the place, the recruits would be seperated from the family members and guests (whom would tour around) and lastly, all would gather at this hall to witness the oath taking of the recruits (as well as a talk from the school's officer).

There was a lunch provided (told to be the best lunch during the entire 9 weeks there LOL), and then it was time to bid goodbye. Everything ended at around 12.30pm, so its a good 4 hours since you would start everything at 8.30am - depending on your time allocation again that is.

It still feels pretty surreal knowing that Sijun has started his BMT training and would be confined for two weeks. He went into Scorpion and i'm not sure if its slack or chiong, but either or, i hope the bunk mates are good. I feel that regardless of how "hiong" your company or platoon is, if you have really lousy bunk mates, it kinda wouldn't matter much?

He called at around 9pm (the official first call time would be at 9.30pm to your parents) before he assembled, so we talked for a while and he had to go again. He called again at 10pm, and it was a good 15 minutes chat before he had to go off again. Its short, but i was really excited when i received his text message for the first time. Its just this feeling that he is fine and everything is alright and he is still there somewhere, even though on another island (& you receive a welcome to malaysia! message when you reach the place LOL)

I'm a little dazed from the lack of sleep i had, and i had to finish up my costume and props for this weekend's cosplay event so i was preoccupied and didn't had much time to miss him or think much. However, i must confess that i was constantly looking at my phone and waiting for his message. I don't know if it's habit or not, but my phone hasn't left my side today.


P.S. I ate our favorite instant noodle because i was feeling a little hungry during late night.

You can get this from any 7-11 store for just $1.90! Its super tasty and the portion is not a lot so its perfect for a late night supper if you are lazy to travel or cook :)  We like to cook it as dry noodle, so we would cook the noodles first, empty the hot water and pour in all the ingredients and spices.

I realllyyyy like it. Try it!

Day 02 - 8 Nov 2013

Woke up this morning feeling pretty empty because there was no good morning messages to greet me. Went about doing my stuffs and all, but my phone was quiet for the entire day. Facebook, twitter, instagram and whastapp-ed a few friends about tomorrow's cosplay event and all. It kinda made me realized if i started hanging out lesser with my friends after i got into a relationship :(

Time to place more importance in my friendships and stop being a good girlfriend yet an asshole friend.

Day 03 & Day 04 - 9 & 10 Nov 2013

I am just gonna combine these two days together because i actually felt pretty much the same - BUSY. It was AFA'13, and i was busy with so many stuffs! Catching up with friends, preparing to cosplay, checking to make sure that everything is in place, camwhoring and basically just enjoying the entire two days as a cosplayer and event-goer. I took so many pictures, talked to so many people (whom i always wanted to talk to) and had really, so much fun.

I had 13 miss calls from SJ tonight, and we didn't managed to chat today because i was traveling home with a friend and i think it's pretty rude to just talk on the phone whilst she stands there stoning/alone/dunno what to do. We texted though, and i hope that my letter managed to redeem my decision ;A; Plus my sms was pretty slow and short too ... OTLZ.

HAHA, i know i am a bad girlfriend when it comes to such things, but yeah, its cosplay events wwwwww, is like that one wwwwww. BUT, this also made me realized that if i were to keep myself busy, time would pass by quicker and i wont be missing him so much.

Ahh, time to play all those Pokemon games and make plans with friends to head out for those dinner and shopping sessions. So, that's Tip #1 at helping girls who are missing their boyfriends during the army period terribly HAHAHA.

I'll post about next week's thoughts log on Sunday! :3

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