Friday, November 15

AFA 2013

My second event of the year after i had returned from Beijing! I really like AFA, and its location. AFA is one of the events that kinda, in a way, made me know more friends and just broaden my social circle each time i attend it. There is nothing less than happiness and surprises each time this event arrives.

I was supposed to cos Zone-00 with Nisa & Rei on day 1, but something cropped up so it was cancelled. I went as a civilian in the end and met up with many people, both new and old, as well as online friends whom i have not met in real life. Really happy to catch up and take pictures and exchange coscards! :D

Day 02 - Saturday

I made everything into a collage because there would be too many pictures to upload if i do them one by one ;A; Not gonna name everyone here because i am so lazy 8'D But really glad to have caught up with everyone! Yui appears in almost all of my pictures that little girl LOL!

Day 03 - Sunday

Day 3 was Athena with Emily! Emily introduced Saint Seiya to me a long time ago, but i only finished the entire series recently because i was procrastinating and alternating between many series. I would definitely recommend Lost Canvas to anyone who is into greek myth! 

Its not a shoujou manga, more of like a shounen manga. I absolutely adore Pandora and Hades. I was supposed to cos as Pandora but the costume didnt make it so i did Athena. It was a last minute kinda thing,, so yeah.

& then left to change out of cos and everything. Camwhore with Tsubaki and Rei in the toilet. This Rei take super long to change out, so gu niang lah.

& because i cant squeeze the pictures in anymore to the collage, a picture with Wei Jiat and Shine form Malaysia! :)

& lastly dinner with everyone! <3 /Flabby arms are flabby heh.

I have yet to receive any pictures from photographers on my day 2 cosplay so i would be with-holding those pictures for now! 

Mini Rant // I was really upset because someone just decided to whisk away a bag with my wig and Rei's hat even though we left it there and it was with our belongings. Like wtf. 

Till then xoxo.

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