Saturday, October 12

Stranger's Reunion

Had always wanted to visit Stranger's Reunion, especially after all the raves from bloggers and friends. Really glad that i finally managed to go there today. I heard that it was pretty inaccessible, but i find it pretty ok. There are buses from Outram Park Exit H, and the cafe is just a stop away. 

Was really surprised that the vicinity had a lot of small shop-houses which look so quaint and pretty! I guess i must really explore around SG more LOL. Such a country bump being in the west area all the time HAHA.

Arranged to come with Cubeh and her boyfriend because we had agreed to go to Windowsill, but in the end the plan kinda went into oblivious LOL. Since both of us haven't had the chance to try this cafe, we decided on this! Plus the waffles seems to be one of the popular item?! SOOO YEAH. 

I was curious with the cakes selection! So we hopped over to the counter and it seems pretty good. But since Sijun and I are operating on a budget, we decided on waffles in the end because there was my main agenda of the visit actually!

Been trying to learn how to smile without showing my teeth for cosplay photoshoot and conventions. I feel like i am pursing my lips in an awkward way 8'D FML. I hope my face gets sharper and more V-shaped. Maybe Santa would grant my wish this year since i am a good girl for year 2013, i think. 

Ordered their Ice latte and Ice mocha because 1) Sijun and me are so obsessed with our LINE Coffee game these days that we are so into coffee and cafe. 2) This cafe is opened by a renowned barista, and since its one of the recommendations on the online reviews, we might as well give it a go. 

It was ok-ok lah.

Waffles and Truffle Fries! I like their Truffle Fries a lot! Its actually my first time having one, sooo yeap. Cubeh says that PS Cafe has free-flow of Truffle Fries on Thursday, so you know where we are going next. 

Group picture of the day! It was a very happy evening spent with Cubeh and her boyfriend because we talked and chatted about so many things! From her cutie rabbit Wibbles, to their holiday stories about this roller-coaster themed park over at California (i think), to our own Beijing stories about the horrible toilet.

Let's meet again for another cafe dinz!<3

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