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{Prologue} 27 September 2013.

I know it took a while for me to churn out my entries for my birthday post! I always have this dilemma between whether to update my blog regularly, or to leave it like a small diary for me to update when as when i wanna to. 

But because im always stucked in the middle, thats why the idea of "updating when i like it, but still a constant flow of entries" came about. There are people whom i stalk on imotiv, privately or publicly, and the feeling of having no new entries from them sucks - even though they are not big celebrities or bloggers. On the other hand, the latter are always blogging about some new advertorials and it gets boring after a while, but well, their life is interesting and they are pretty, and since i like to stare at pretty people, i still follow them.

Ok, so im just gonna imagine that there are people who do still read my blog, and there are people who would be disappointed when there are no updates. Humor me! 

So, it was my birthday on 28 Sep! Turning the big 20. A lot of things to consider, like how i wanna my future to be mapped out and all. So, gonna be considering many things seriously from this point onwards! :) Maybe to some you feel that you wanna remain young, and like carefree and whatsnot - but i like how i can decide and make my own decisions now. Like how i can think for myself and is old enough to know the consequences of everything, and how i can afford things myself instead of simply using money from my parents. 

I like how growing up feels. Makes me a little scared, but excited. Celebrated this day with two very special group of people in my life.

To the secondary school girls whom i met during secondary 3. I always wondered what made you guys stuck with me, even when everyone else was leaving. I think maybe its because you girls are secretly hating me but too nice to say it out, or maybe you girls are angels sent to make me believe that out there, there are friendships worth treasuring. 

We went to Timbre over at the UOB building in the SMU vicinity. The queue was horrendous! I think we waited for a good 30 minutes before we were shifted to the waiting tables (yes, not even a decent table yet!), and 2 hours to get a table. It was that crowded. 
The music was good, and the company was better. Talked and catch up with one another, and laughed so much. 

So sorry for the blurry pictures - it was really dark inside. Dark enough for pictures to be so unclear at least. I need to get myself a good camera for more selcas and selfies, but i have so many things i need to get so maybe i would add that to the list for Christmas. Hopefully Santa would be kind enough to send me one this year. 


 I was so surprised to see those messages on the screen! Honestly didnt expect that because everyone was discussing intensely about the songs they were going to pick. That said, i requested for "Brokenhearted" from Karmin and it was sang! YAY /o/ 

& the singers were kind enough to wish all the people, which included me, happy birthday. Thank you girls for shouting so loudly in making sure that they didnt left me out 8'D i was feeling very shy yet touched at the same time. 

 Thank you for the present, happy times and most importantly, the memories! Down the years, we might drift apart, might lose contact or even have fights which would never make up. But somewhat somehow, i dont think i can forget you girls this lifetime. Let's grow old together and open a nice cafe one day! LOL!

Beijing internship buddies

Met some of the most interesting people during this internship, and interacted probably the most with the people from IBZ, seeing how my own roomie was from that course. I have heard so much about them during my time in Ngee Ann. Loud, proud, popular kids, forever having camps are like some of the adjectives used to describe them from the many others i picked up along the way.

I was never really a wild girl in my life. I don't smoke. I don't club. I don't drink. I don't do drugs. I don't do many things because in my whole life, the people around me weren't so wild and all "party-party". So, the internship threw my whole perspective on people of my age into a whole new term. I learnt so many things from them, and i picked up many logic which seems to be quite true when you view at it from another angle.

I don't think they are anything described and i heard about during my poly times. In fact, i think they are really fun to be with. Too bad i don't know them during those semester times - it might whip up things in a more interesting twist. Haha.

Thank you guys for coming over to celebrating my birthday with me! It was a simple gathering, but really, i don't think a buffet or party with other people whom i would probably not talk to for another 10 minutes would beat this.

& thanks roomie for being one of the most awesome person i have met during internship! How would life be if you were not my roomie. Nay, doesn't wanna think about it. 

I had a really blessed birthday this year, and i really can't thank the people enough who made this whole thing happened. I'm someone who really loves attention, so i always thought that parties should be "the bigger the better". But i think this year was a new chapter for me. Crowd doesn't always means happy!

& so, i am 20 years old now! Sorry for the super unglam shot. My hair was already half-dead and frizzed with oil by then. It was the best i can do 8'D

Would be blogging about my actual birthday celebration itself! One can never have too many celebrations! Cheers. X

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