Wednesday, October 16

28th September, birthday post!

Finally on my birthday post itself! :) My birthday was pretty simple actually, mainly because SJ and i were both on a budget (and he spent a lot already!), and my mum wanted to have dinz with me. 

So, SJ decided to bring me to SEA Aquarium since i have wanted to visit that place for quite some time already.

Some of the pictures from inside the aquarium. Its on a weekend so i guess its really crowded. And there are people who really camp inside and sit there and just gaze at the fishes and the world fly by.

All excited to explore the different zones inside the aquarium! I am wearing this hello kitty T-shirt from my grandmother as a birthday present LOL! My mother "forced" me to wear it because its a present, and well i decided to wear it in the end and pair it off with a fake specs :>

My favorite picture of the day! Its really amazing to see so many fishes swimming around in a large tank as time whittle pass you. Simple joys in life.

After SEA Aquarium, Sijun made me pasta because he knows i love his aglio olio <3 He always made it no matter how late it is, or how weird the timing is. Like just yesterday, i had a sudden craving for his pasta because we went to eat Pasta Mania and their aglio olio wasn't as nice :/ It was after dinner, and it was like 8pm ish plus. He just took me by hand to Cold Storage to buy prawns, and we went to his house for cooking.

Its amazing how impromptu we would do things, but its even more amazing to know that someone is willing to do that for you :) 

As shown below,, the spagetti he made for me early in the morning <3


Went to have Just Like It! ice cream because there seems to be a lot of chemical stuffs going on and im like whoosh, seems pretty fun leh! So basically for people who hadn't had the chance to try this yet, the people would make ice cream from the start. Like, the would add XXX and add XXX and then mix it up, mix it up, and it would become ice cream! 
The process is super interesting to watch, but the ice cream tasted pretty meh. It was very "chemically" tasted lol. I wonder if that's how powerpuff girls would taste like, a

We ordered Cookies Ice Cream, and for some nonsensical reason, i cant turn this picture around. And we took selca since the lighting was pretty good LOL.

Went home to have dinz with my family and my grandmother. We had steamboat! Thank you daddy and mummy for waking up so early in the morning (we are never a family of day walkers) just to buy the freshest ingredients for my birthday meal!

With my sister, Jesstine! She's really happy and chose the cake for me. All along dinner, she was going "i wanna cut the cake, can?" , or "i wanna blow the candles". LOL LOL. Damn cute lah.

I am so not ready for this shot please. 

With my ahma which took care of me since i was like in Kindergarten <3

Thank you everyone for their presents! 

Mum for your citigems jewelry
Sijun for your BENEFIT Makeup set
The girls for the Capitalmall voucher
Junli for the lovely card
Ahma for the angbao
Mu Mu (my ahma'a maid) for the notebook, which i was super surprised to get actually!
Deborah & Kwanter for the Sephora voucher, which im still waiting to get it from Deb :3

THANK YOU EVERYONE <3 I feel very blessed this 20th birthday, and i can't wait for my 21st birthday already haha! I actually kinda thought up a theme for it already, but it seems pretty non-mainstream and i feel that my friends would be too lazy to abide by the theme 8'D LOL LOL.

See how again la. Ciao then xoxo

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