Tuesday, October 8

My first time to Swee Choon

Hi! Sudden urge to blog these days, so you can probably be seeing more entries popping out now and then :) Heh. I was going through and organizing my pictures on my laptop when i realized that i have not blogged about my Swee Choon experience. My first, virgin experience after so long and after hearing so many people raved about it and all.

I actually was supposed to go there with Data, Lea and Ynex on a Wednesday, and before that, with Sijun. My first visit with Sijun was kinda like a fail, because it was not opened. In the end, we went to eat scissors cut which tasted just as nice! So when i told Sijun that i was going to be going with my friends on Wednesday, he insisted that he wanted to be the first one to bring me there. LOL, like he wanna take all my "first-time" experiences. HAHA, so mushy. 

Ta daa, my first Swee Choon experience! :)

Its not bad, considering for the price. My first time eating a "liu sha bao" which really have the juice flowing out! So exciting that i asked for Sijun to help me take a picture of it.

The bill came up to be around $20-$30 for all the dim sum we ordered. Seats were pretty fast too, considering the crowd even though we went on a weekday - it was around 9pm ish. I like the bone ribs the most! Its super nice <3 One of the nicest i have tasted. 

Gonna visit them again, but its so troublesome to go around SG without a car. That said,, i have been procrastinating my driver license's account sign-up since forever. LOL.

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