Friday, October 18

October Favorites

Sharing my October Favorites with you guys on this post! Its not really gonna be like a haul video or some sort, but its just some of the things that I feel worth mentioning to everyone! :) 
Gonna be categorizing into three main section - 


{Food Recommendations}

Boon Tong Kee
This is like one of my childhood place! I remembered that when i was young, my uncle would always drive myself along with my other aunts and uncles to this place for the chicken rice. Its super nice and tasty, plus its not that expensive! 

We ordered the fried tofu ($8), half a chicken ($14), 2 bowl of rice and 2 iced barley drink. The bill came up to be about $30+ inclusive of all the misc fees. They do charge for things like wet tissue and peanuts, but the waitresses were so nice to ask us beforehand! 

The super awesome fried tofu which you die die must try. You reallyyyy wouldn't be disappointed!

The rice is placed like a pyramid - so cute right! Feels like we are at Eqypt eating chicken rice HAHA, ok maybe just me.


We were both super hungry so we just ordered half a chicken - and we finished it. Ta daa for couple power, or more for Sijun power because i swear that guy's stomach is a black-hole.

{Random Haul}

Went to Watsons the other day, intending to only get a makeup remover. In the end, i got eye talk as well as this cleanser from Garnier. I have tried both the makeup remover as well as the cleanser, and i would say that its really good!

The washer gives me a super refreshing feel - i feel so athletic even though i just woke up from my sleep at 12pm in the afternoon LOL. I think its probably the 3-in-1 action thing sorta? Probably sounds pretty unconvincing there because there are no pictures and pretty words to make you believe.

But yeah, its good. I had been using Perfect Whip cleanser for quite a while since Beijing and it works for me there - probably because its so cold and my skin got very sensitive. Back to SG and bang! , its too mild. My skin is visibly better and smoother after 2 days of using it, so if u are looking for a scrub sorta thing, maybe you can try this one.

As some of you might know, i wear makeup pretty often because i feel super ugly and naked without it. That would meant that my skin is under constant strain most of the day. Had been using Silkygirl's makeup remover and yeah, its $2 for the small one and pretty much a 6/10 for rating. 

Decided to pamper my skin and go for this, which claimed to be the top seller in Japan (really anot). So used it once already, and yeah, pretty good. I used 5 cotton pads with 2 pumps each time to fully remove my makeup (excluding eye makeup). Not sure if its consider good, but it would suffice for me now.

So yupp, give it a go. Eye talk is for double eyelid actually because i wanted to look for other options than constantly using eyelash glue which makes my eyelid red very often. But did not get to use it yet because ...


Right without sticker and left with the sticker. I didn't paste it very well because my fingers touched the top of it. So i re-did it and it became like this as shown below.


I had always disliked my single eyelid because its so hard to do eye makeup. The amount of eye liner you need to slap on is frigging crazy. & yet, eyelid sticker doesn't work for me. So im really happy that there is still hope for my monolids with double eyelid tape. LIKE OMG <33

Hahahaha, sorry but i was really happy because it means a lot to me. I even considered the option of surgery and was starting to save money to get a good one in SG. HAHAHA.

{Online - Game of the month}

Sijun was the one who recommended me this game. Apparently, this guy is gonna download so many games for me whilst he is over at Tekong so that i would be at home all day long with my computer and would minimize the chance of me meeting, and henceforth, run away with another guy. HAHA, so cute ah he.

Its about how the fairy tales characters are all "glamoured" and live in a town as humans in disguise. The character you play as is BigB, aka big bad wolf. He is turned sheriff now, and a serial killer is on the loose in the town. Ta-daa.

Ok that said, i went to Pewdiepew's channel for the game walkthrough. There is only one episode as of now, and i swear the ending is fucked up. Its something you wouldn't think and thought of at all. Trust Telltale to come up with a twisted plot like this. But i like it, a lot. 

Its from the people who made "The Walking Dead" game, which is another game which i really recommend you to get/download/torrent if you haven't. Don't worry - there are not THAT much of jump-scare, and the game focuses more on building up relationship and making you choose (like do you agree or disagree with him), and the choices affect the ending.


I'm stoked for the next 4 episodes telltale releases for this game, and the second season for the walking dead's game. Im not that much of a gamer, but im really into good games like this.

Ok, so i hope this post was somewhat entertaining for you... haha. I was thinking that blogging about my life all the time can get boring.

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