Wednesday, October 23

Sunday // Flea over at Lucky Plaza

Cassia and I went for the weekly flea over at Lucky Plaza last Sunday to sell off all our closet and wardrobe clothes because both ours were threatening to burst free into the horizon LOL. Ok, im not so sure about hers (but she brought like 3 luggage so I'm gonna assume that her wardrobe is indeed bursting hahhahahah!)

We chose Sunday because we wanted to sell off our clothes at a cheaper price, and Sunday was better than Saturday since its a off-day for the maids working in SG. Plus, we were ok with letting go of our clothes at $1-$5, so yeah, why not right?

I remembered looking around for a blogspot which gives me some tips on how to survive this flea, and there were very little. Plus, fleaforsake didn't exactly have a blogpost or whats not JUST on this flea. So, i hope you find my blog post useful if you are going to the flea for the first time any sooner! :)


  • Bring a small sling bag to place your cash float. Get one with just a big compartment because you don't have much time to organize your coins and notes together. Make sure you place it in front of you all the time. You don't want to have people stealing your hard-earned money
  • Wear comfortable clothes, aka clothes which are breezy and airy. It might be air-conditioned inside, but trust me, the crowd never stops (literally), and you would be standing straight for 3 hours plus. The least thing you need is to sweat like mad. You might wanna wear a mask too, because we kept sneezing from the dust of the clothes when the buyers ransacked the luggage to look for their clothes. Cassia, as below, sweating after an hour into the flea HAHA. 

  • Bring a bottle of water, and food if you are afraid that you would get hungry. I would say that its best if you eat your breakfast beforehand. I ate a little before heading over so i survived well with just a bottle of water. Bring a small to carry bag, which i highly recommend to be a sling bag because its gonna be real crowded and you don't want to leave your belongings lying around.
  • BRING LOTS OF PLASTIC BAGS, OF DECENT SIZE. Cassia and I brought only a few, and some of them were pathetically small. Many of the buyers requested for plastic bags, but we didn't have. They were pretty "ahhh why?!", and we felt really bad for them to carry the clothes around. So do prepare plastic bags for them to place their stuffs in.
  • Get your friends to come and help out. Cassia and I were there to look out for each other because everyone were so aggressive and its super super chaotic once you open your luggage. You see - they get REALLY EXCITED when they see new luggage being open. It meas new clothes, new designs and better quality clothes for grab. Everyone would take and pass around for their friends to see, some would try it on. & you know, maybe someone would just pop it into their bag and take advantage of the situation. I'm not saying it would happen, but Cassia and I can't remember selling off some of our clothes during the flea. We can't say for sure it was stolen, but its good to be careful at times. See picture below for example. This is how messy it was once we opened our luggage. They would crowd around the entire table, so just be careful.

  • If you are gonna be sharing the booth with your friend, which i recommend you do because the rental fee is $80/day, do get your friend and yourself to remember which clothes belong to whose. Cassia got mixed up with some of my clothes, and she didn't know which was mine. At the end of the day, it might get confusing for the both of you. 
  • Last but not least, be FRIENDLY, SMILE & GIVE COMPLIMENTS. I find it really advantageous when you give compliments to them. They likes it, and you get to sell off your clothes. DOUBLE HAPPINESS. & also, GET INTO THE SITUATION QUICK. You might be stunned with how everyone is snatching the clothes, but get into the situation as quickly as you can because you don't wanna to stand there, shocked. One of the buyer actually shoved a 50 cents coin into my hand, telling me to sell it to her at that price. You see, you need to regain your composure quick so that you have a clear mind of which item is priced at what price, and you can retaliate back when they haggle for a really low price. 


  • Dont bring all your branded goods, brand new items and expect people to know the quality and value of it. Many of them are maids, and have limited financial capacity for shopping. Cut them some slack. We sold our clothes mostly within the $1 - $3 range, and if it goes beyond that, many of them started to think twice. So if you really want to sell everything, sell the clothes cheap.
  • The buyers are mostly maids from Philippines around the age of 20-30. So don't choose clothes which are really old and ancient looking. Get the ones which looks younger. You wanna attract the right crowd.
  • Don't bring clothes which looks like they can be used as a rag anytime. I know its kinda defeats the purpose if all the clothes that you bring all still good, but many of the maids looks at the condition of the clothes very carefully. Like, they would go "there is a hole here, cheaper lah". So you no choice, have to let it go at a cheaper price. Unless you are willing to sell them dirt cheap, bring clothes of a decent condition. 
  • Don't reach the place late. Cassia and me reached the place at 12 pm, and it was already buzzing with activities. I am not sure what's the time the flea officially starts, but if you can, do get there early, like maybe 11 am. Booth wise, you just walk in and choose one which isn't taken. Many of them were taken up actually, so yeah. 
  • Don't expect to go there and snitch up a booth without paying. Its stupid, because the flea people would be walking around and checking your name against it. So yeah, don't sia suay (throw face).

With all these, i wish you all the best! Cassia and I managed to sell off all our clothes (4 luggage full) in 3 hours time, but we sold everything at a really, really cheap price. She actually sold 2 luggage at $1 each LOL, like seriously, where to find such a deal?! So i wish everyone all the best, and if you are looking for a booth to get, 

- Gather more clothes. People like to see as many clothes as possible

- Have a look-through and mentally price tag your clothes. I actually price tag each piece of my item, but the tag fell off and some of the buyers would be turned off from the price when it reaches late afternoon. 

- Book the booths early - we booked it a month in advance. 

- Have fun! It was a very fun experience for me actually, and even though the profit was not as much after you minus away the booth rental and all, its worth it when i look at my closet now. HAHA

The amount of clothes i brought with me, and everything were sold. Ta-daa. 


  1. Please please dont go, I went there and 60% of my bags and clothes were stolen. My friend brought 23 bags and 17 were missing. Another friend sold 2 jeans and all the rest went missing. The shoppers just swarm you like crazy. Some of them just took our items and simply walked away. It was a terrible Sunday. :( Just felt the need to warn you gals.. I am beyond upset..

    1. hi Cassandra,

      Am really sorry to hear about your incident. Yes true, extremely crowded and there are definitely people with little to no integrity who shoplifts. I have a few items missing and neither my friend nor myself rmb selling them.

      Heads up to other people to have friends around to keep a lookout. Also, bring clothes that are either going down the thrashbin or to take a risk and sell for a few dollars.