Wednesday, October 16


Last year of this period, i was just into the second month of my internship over at Beijing. So i was looking through all those pictures and memories just kinda came flying back, like lots of them. There were lots of "first-time" that i had over at Beijing. My first time seeing snow, my first trip to a mountain (like a legit one and not bukit timah hill), my first skii experience, my first china food, my first time to so many places, my first time to the great wall and you know, just so many "first-time".

HAHA, if you don't wanna to walk down memory lane with me, you can skip this post because its gonna be one of those "aww, i miss those times" post. LOL.

One of the first picture i took upon arriving at Beijing. Pardon me for the stupid face LOL. My glue was being nice to me that day, and i managed to make my eyes looks bigger aka, much more visible.

My first picture with the roomie, getting read for our first day out to explore Beijing. You might be seeing a drastic change in my size because i gained a total of 8kg during this 6months trip, so its like from 50kg to a whopping 58kg. Fucking scary. My waist and hips were becoming adjoined. 

The first K session with my colleagues from the hotel! Beijing people are super into singing K, which i have no idea why. I am not really a K person because i feel that its pretty money-wasting because i don't like singing that much, and even if i do, i would much rather sing at home with my MP3 blasting from my computer. That said, Beijing's KTV is friggin amazing. 

First "tourist" moment with the roomie as we went to 后海!Its akin to Clarke Quay of SG, and there are bars/restaurants and small stores along the river as you drink and puke your guts out. Ok just kidding. Plus its winter, so your puke would probably turn into ice before it reaches the river. Ok thats just disgusting. LOL

Time passes, and the hotel organized an excursion of some sort for the employees. Mountain climbing! At this point of time, my face was getting rounder and yeah, its probably like 54kg now? That said, i miss my long hair!

At the top of the mountain, which is like about 700+ metres tall. Its ridiculous, and its not even one of their notable height mountain. China and their nature. 

So, Kwanter decided to be cute and came to crash our room for a 3 days stay as he detoured to Beijing for a short visit before taking off to Shanghai for his internship. At the same time, some people from Business Studies came over as well, so our plan of going to the Great Wall kinda work because well, Deborah and I are not exactly Day Wakers too.

My first visit to 南锣鼓巷, which is yet another touristy spots over at Beijing. They have rows of shop-houses and you just keep walking. The stuffs are pretty expensive there, so perhaps its a place suited for look-see look-see instead of shopping spree.

That said, i miss my long hair T.T

One of my favorite food over at Beijing! Its shredded chicken and you wrap it inside those "paper" to eat. SUPER NICE

Fast forward and we started spending time as the Beijing Trio! Explored so many places together as a trio team, and there are always an extra person to take the pictures so YEAH.

One of my favourite place in Beijing. They have this huge-ass television over the ceiling of the shopping mall outdoor, and people can send text messages as dedication. There are tons of proposals which took place here as well - its a pretty amazing place. Plus, its quite "atas", aka high class since they have all the big brands in the mall. 

Went to the Temple of Heaven some time later because its so nice! I have seen pictures of it and its supposedly bigger than the Imperial Palace because the ancient Chinese believes that the home of a Man cannot be bigger than the home of the Deities. 

Damn cool right?! Ok, but everywhere is forest so yeah. Only the temple itself is cool LOL.

I look so demure here hahahah, as said by the two of them. La la la, where is my prince~?

Decided that Beijing is too big for only the three of us, so called up Yuen Yee & Claire for a dinz together. This place, which was discovered by me as i went for my firs failed cosplay convention (LOL), is super nice. Its like another of those international shopping mall, but because its next to the Beijing's convention centre or some sort. HAHA.

Not forgetting bypassing the year of 2012 to 2013 with free flow beer (thank you waiter Sijun 8D), good company and just a cozy room from the crazy weather out there. Everyone who intern-ed at Beijing is in this picture! A total of 6 people, but its so much easier to plan outings than a crazy amount ass of people like in Shanghai. 

& of course, the trio spent the most time together since i was with Sijun and Deborah was my roomie. HAHA, so yeahhhh.

This was last year's Christmas. We dressed up and decided to head over to La Bamba, a recommendation Italian food resturant for celebration. We met three Swedish guy, one of which say that he live just a few houses away from Swedish House Mafia (how true is this i dunno lah). 

There were two girls who came over to join us too, one of which started to hit on Sijun and even initiated a kiss with him. Not bad ah Sijun, but he told me he rejected the kiss. HMMM, ok shall trust him for now haha!

Not forgetting all those lovely colleagues of Deb's and me, who were super super good to us and treated us like little princesses over at work. I practically can laze around and just eat my life away for breakfast (treats!), occasional treats here and then. 

Its just so amazing. The parties we had in the room, the crazy nights and just all the laughter. Missing them so much already!

& on the last day before i go back to SG. Its crazy please. LOL

 I had happy times

Sad times (to the hospital for my fish bone to be taken out)

Fangirl time, when i met cosplayer 面条 face to face

& lots of amazing time with everyone. All i have to say is that, i wanna go back to Beijing one day to experience all these emotions again! :)


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