Sunday, October 6

My first play, mushroom pot & TAOBAO

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I had been down with cough these weeks (yeah weeks), and had been coughing my lungs out from all those phlegm that plagued my throat. 

I went to a play the other day with Sijun over at Goodsmen Arts Centre. It was my first time attending one, and because Sijun's cousin was one of the performers, i decided to go. I was never an "art-sy" person. Yeap, i do delve myself in fantastic artworks and drama sometimes, but i was never someone for theater and dance that sorta thing person. 

I think its really interesting! Like the way they present their story and the way the plot goes along. The play talks about how even though Singaporeans may look to be "traditional" to many people, there are many "behind-the-scenes" stuffs going on behind closed doors. 

Whatsmore, the actors and actresses were really good. Its a good play, and definitely a refreshing Saturday from my usual ones. 
I'm not too sure if they still have anymore shows on

Since the theatre was around Kallang area, we decided to have mushroom pot for our dinner! The last time i had was like, 10 years ago? I had it over at Kallang Stadium as well, and omg the soup is <3 So when i told Sijun about it, he was pretty tempted and hence suggested this place.

Got to the stadium only to realize that it was closed for renovation till Thrusday T.T . & they actually didn't state that on their website. Argh, should have called. But in any case, the waitress was really nice and told us that she could put us down for a reservation over at their OG Orchard outlet. 

Look at this happy guy with his food hahah!

You can order 5 side dishes for the appetizer, and the rest are free-flow. You kinda have this paper for you to fill up, and then the waitresses and waiters will serve you. So we don't have to move an inch! Yay hahha

I was telling Sijun how other bloggers would take a picture of every dish that is served on their blog. So he was like "ok ok i know you wanna take the pictures", and im like yupp thats right! 8D The #101problems of having a girlfriend who blogs. 

The side dishes are really good! I like all of them! & this was probably the only buffet that left both of us feeling super healthy and "longevity". Mushrooms everywhere. The soup was ok - kinda sad that it didnt taste like it used to. Or maybe i didnt order the exact soup base, soooo. 

Pretty ecpensive actually for a meal. The buffet came up to $77 with GST and service charge, plus all the miscellaneous charges and blah. But the service super good!<3 The manager walked over to check on us now and then, and the waitresses were prompt and well-mannered with their service.

Give it a go if you are trying for a healthy buffet. LOL!


It is with my utmost happiness that taobao has now officially launched its first office in Singapore, and the website provides international shipping to SG and MY as of this month! (Actually last month but ohwells). 

I had always been a big fan of taobao, be it in china or in SG. Think cosplay, and of course, shopping. The amount of stuffs, time and money i spent on taobao when i was in Beijing for my internship is enough to really cover my sister's milk powder for 2-3 months i think. LOL LOL.

But anyway! I always went through agent's help before this service was out, and im so glad now i can bypass that stage and directly liase with the sellers and get my stuffs sent to me straight away on my doorstep! No more silly agent charges, exorbitant shipping fees and low exchange rates. 

All i need is my taobao account, home address and my credit card! I even download the taobao app on my phone so that when im feeling sleepless at night i can browse through and add them into my cart for "further consideration". Its actually super fun to do that, and you can get addicted to it. LOL!

Someone asked me on ask.fm on how to exactly order through taobao. I answered it here . But im not continuing with the agent thing anymore because i cant find the right equation to earn profits yet. If anyone needs help with taobao, feel free to ask me over on ask.fm! :) I will try my best to answer your doubts and questions.

So introducing my 2 #00TD over the weekends which i bought from yes, taobao. LOL.

Top - From Tabao
Bottom - YoungHungryFree
Necklace - Taobao

Dress w/belt - Taobao
Necklace - Cineleisure

You know these days blogshops sells those puffy dresses which is pretty korean-inspired? Yes, i found them on tabao and the price was literally half of what they sell on those online sites.

These are some of my favorite shops, so check them out! :)

If you have any shops that you like, please tell me <3 
Lets taobao together heh.

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